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December Priorities

LIfeSabra GilbertComment

There was a time on this blog when I made monthly and weekly goals and I was decently good at them, but since getting married and bringing home my little zoo of animals, I've realized that sometimes my time isn't 100% mine. So priorities really seems to sound like a better way to put the things that I would like done in a month, but know that my animals, work, or husband will come first if need be. 

Wow, that sounded strangely adult-ish. 

But anyway! Priorities!!

1|| Actually set some goals for 2017

While I'm avoiding goals this month, I still strongly beleive in yearly goals. Not that I really accomplished the goals that I set last year, but that was because life changed in more ways than I ever thought would happen! But we'll see what I would like to happen and what actually does this next year!

2|| Keep my Christmas tree actually decorated.

Odette and Fox love to play together. The biggest issue is that they love to play in my Christmas tree and have already knocked it down twice! So we will see if this actually happens!

3|| Paint my Nails

I've been trying to paint my nails for 4 weeks. I just want pretty nails!

4|| Master Fudge

I made some this past weekend but it was more like hot fudge than nice yummy melt in your mouth hard fudge like my mom makes. It never set. So I will try again!

5|| Take more photos.

There hit a point this year where I thought I was spending too much time behind the camera and wasn't having any fun in front of the camera or just hanging with people. So then I went to the extreme opposite and haven't really touched my camera much in months.