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Why I Love Google Calendar

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Finishing college. Being married. Running a blog. Being a contributor on two other blogs. Running my own photography & design business. Figure out how to maximize social media. Trying to write a novel on top of that.

With all of these things that I have decided to throw into my life, keeping extremely organized with my schedule is a necessity. I have a day designer and absolutely love it, but it's mostly only a really big help on today's to do and seeing my daily schedule. To really get to see long term, I am obsessed with using Google Calendar. It has my everything!

So what do I use it for?

1| Major Due Dates

 this includes school, business, and budget important dates, like when a bill is due.

2| Editorial Calendar

  For my blog and the other blogs that I contribute on, I write out editorial calendars for all three, which on Google calendar I can see all at once to make sure that I'm not writing all about the same thing on three blogs in one day.

3| Compare Schedules with myself and my husband  

 I love that Simeon and I can share a calendar so we have both of our daily schedules put in one place that we can both manipulate and see.

While this sounds like a crazy amount of stuff to have in one calendar, the best part of Google Calendar is how It helps me keep it all organized.

1| Color Coded

 For every specific area of life, there is a different color that I use. Dark blue for blog. Red for Budget. Purple for Midnight Photography & Design. Pink for His Endless Love. Brown for A Pinch of Faith. Green for school and personal things. Teal for my Novel. It's a great system because I can see what is taking up most of my week in only a glance.

2| All Day Event

 I mark everything as an all day event and put the time as a note in the event. That way it is big and bold and easy to see. 

3| Hide Future Event

 When you need to focus on just one topic at a time, like writing blog posts, I like to hide all my other things so I don't loose focus.

Final Semester Bucket List Upate

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Midterms have passed and the semester is winding down. So I guess it's time to share what I have accomplished. 

Final Semester bucket List.jpg

1| Climb the Campanile - Simeon and I are planning to do this before the weather turns any worse! So we haven't done it yet but soon.

2| Go the the Hobo Day Parade with Friends - Unfortunately, because of our trip this weekend, we had to miss our final Hobo Day :( But I celebrated from afar and watched videos of the parade so does that count?

3| Enjoy my final Hobo Day Football Game - I did catch a video of a proposal before the game! It was super cute! 

4| Make $200 a month with MPD & this blog to loosen up our budget - This hasn't happened in full yet, but I have booked three jobs in one week! So I'm seeing it start to happen and I'm extremely excited.

5| Follow our new Budget - This is actually going pretty well! We need to be better at tracking it to make sure, but we've been pretty good at knowing what we are able to spend on things and keep it that way.

6| Fill out my Graduation Application - This is the ONLY  one that has for sure happened! My Grad App is in the works and going through! I take my exit exam in a week and then my exit interview! I am so insanely excited!! 

7| Graduate - 50 days!

8| Settle into a Daily Devotional Time - I'm struggling on this. But I'm going to pray and hope to figure this out soon.

My Grad App is in!!

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I'm so excited to announce that my Graduation App is finally in! I am officially on the road to graduating this semester and I'm so excited!! It blows me away that the time is finally here to start planning a future after being in school. To imagine a life that doesn't evolve around a class schedule. Or even involve thinking about my life confined into three semesters a year. Now a year is just that. . . a year.


It's a little crazy to be looking ahead at all the possibilities to come.

Honestly, people keep asking me what I have in store for me next. And I have no clue. The girl in the pictures below graduating below knew a lot more than I do right now. She knew what she wanted and knew how she was going to get there. But God has completely changed my path. And right now I'm not 100% sure where he is leading me.

High School Graduate me thought I was going to be at SDSU for four years for a Biology degree, transfer off to Iowa State to get my Doctors in Veterinary Medicine. Head off to start my own clinic, and if Simeon and I were still together, maybe start talking about getting married and having kids soon afterward.

College Graduate me is married and baby crazy. I'm going to be getting my Biology degree, but I'm not going to use it for Vet Medicine. I'm crazy for horses and can feel a zoo or ranch calling out for me. Or maybe a little stay-at-home gig for a while. Maybe cuddling a laptop and an iphone. Maybe cuddling a sweet little mini me. Who knows what I'm graduating to do with my life.

But it's an adventure that God has called me too. And I can't wait to take it on!!

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Back to School: The Final Semester Bucket List

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Wow, I can't believe the time is finally here! I start my final semester of college today, which seems crazy. I really never thought this day would come. Junior year was so rough. I suddenly had to adjust to living in an apartment off campus, having Simeon back in town, being a bible study leader, planning a wedding, having two jobs, and all that on top of taking 17 credits each semester. I did the worse that I had ever done in classes before and I had taken on way more than I could handle. But I've come so far from that rough year.

I've decided to really take a chill semester after the last few years being rougher than I would have liked. By only taking the classes that I need to graduate (only 7 credits!), I'm hoping to have more time to really dedicate to ramping up MPD and my blogging path. I"m also hoping to have time to workout and dedicate myself to spending more time in the word. When responsibilities started piling up last year, it was extremely hard for me to have a strong personal relationship with God because I had to check so many other things off my list in a week because of my responsibilities to other people. I'm looking forward to trying to be better at forging and continuing discipleship relationships with my old bible study girls as I'll now be freer to dedicate the kind of time that you really should in these kind of relationships.

So here is my Final Semester Bucket List!!

1| Climb the Campanile

2| Go the the Hobo Day Parade with Friends

3| Enjoy my final Hobo Day Football Game

4| Make $200 a month with MPD & this blog to loosen up our budget

5| Follow our new Budget

6| Fill out my Graduation Application

7| Graduate

8| Settle into a Daily Devotional Time

But even crazier than this whole final semester business, is that my little baby sister is starting college today as well. I know that she will love it, but I also know that being so far away from family will be a little rougher on her than it was for me to come only an hour away to SDSU. She took off to Colorado the little rascally brat! :) She will be our only a few minutes away from our grandparents so I know she will have some fun! She's talking about starting a blog so maybe I'll be sharing some of her posts soon!! :)

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Back to School: Planner Organization & a Birthday Giveaway!!

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It's August! Which means one thing, it is back to school time! You can see it in the grocery store in how ramen and mac & cheese is getting pulled to the front and school supplies is shoved in everyone's faces! I know that it is coming by the random calls from my little sister panicking about what she needs for her first year of college!

It's one of my favorite times because I love rebooting my organizing ways around this time to get all ready for the semester. Guys! This semester is my final college semester! This time next year, I don't know what I will be doing with myself. Or even where we will be living, but that is a story for another time and a worry for another day.

My favorite thing to look for this time around is a new planner!! I bought my newest one back in April when the Day Designer came out with their May to April edition! I adore it. It is everything that I could ever ask for in a planner and it has taken me forever to find a planner that I could say that about.

The number one tool for me to keep my planner organized is washi tape! I use it to mark off my catagories in the to do list part of my daily planner and also to mark off imprtant events in the monthly calender part of my planner. It just adds a pop of color to my everyday.

My other favorite tool for blocking my days for classes or work on the hourly part of my planner are highlighters. I use different colors for different things. Green is for work (Dolla Dolla Bills yo!). Pink is for the time that I work on my blog. Yellow is for working on stuff for MPD. Blue is for classes. I like it alot more than using lines to block off my time and I still have the space to write in things that I have to do in that color block.

I usually try to sit down a few times a week and work on dividing up my to do list to different days and planning out my week. I stuggle with meal planning but i'm trying to be better at it by putting it into my planner and making sure to put meat in the fridge the day before.

August also means that it is my birthday month as well!! So for my birthday and because I love my Day Designer so much, I teamed up with some ladies to give away a Bluesky Day Designer and all the supplies you could ever want to plan your days away!!

Included in this giveaway . . .

- Bluesky Day Designer
- Pencil Case
- White Coffee Mug
- Highlighters
- Colorful Pens
- Pencils
- Washi Tape
& Post It's!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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