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Branding I Love: Whitney Blake

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  So a few months ago, I tried to start a new series called Branding I Love where I showcase blogger's brands that I love and what I can learn from each one. Unfortunatly, school decided that I didn't have a ton of time to learn about branding and pushed this series off to my to do someday list. Well today I'm bringing it back with one of my favorite bloggers, Whitney from Whitney Blake. 

Whitney has such a great story! She is a new college grad who decided that working for someone else wasn't her thing and jumped straight into working for herself! She has the incredible strength and skill to be running a successful buisness already and I truely admire her for that. Her buisness is called Heart & Arrow, where she creates brands, blogs, and wonderful office things. She also creates prints and I have a few hanging up in my home in my office area and my bedroom. 

   One of my favorite parts of Whitney's brand & work is her personal touch of hand lettering that is applied to most of her work. It's dreamy and I would love to learn how she does it! Her websites are all so clean and simple and was part of the inspiration for the new design around these parts. 

    All of Whitney's graphics and photography have three things in common: they are white, clean, and original photography. I love the WHitney still uses original photography, many bloggers have moved on to using stock photos for the majority of their everyday and I have to admit that it drives me crazy when I see the same photo used on 7 of the blogs that I follow in one week. 

Speaking of original photography, Whitney has a wonderful Instagram page that follows the same branding and themes as her blog. While I don't have a smartphone, I still follow her insta online and love to look at daily updates. It's one of my favorite inspiration pages to visit each day.

Photography branding is what facinates me about Whitney's blog and branding. It's truely something that I will be taking away from studying her branding. It is something that I wouldn't have through of, but now that I see it, I am completely in love with it! Having a while background for everything makes everything else stick out like crazy and is so soft at the same time.

Love. Love. Love! If you haven't read Whitney Blake yet, you should really start!

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Branding I Love: College Prep

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So I've been really concentrated on trying to figure out my blog brand this summer. What I want this blog to feel like, to look like, to be about. Now while I've been on this search to find my blog-self, I've loved looking around at other blogs that I think really have it together. I love looking at their style brands and really figuring out what they really like to be about. It relaly teaches me about what I should be focusing on when I'm trying to figure this out for myself. And I'm going to share some of my favorites with you every Wednesday!

So first up. . .

The College Prepster, Carly, is who inspired me to blog. I've always loved reading her helpful and fun blog posts. She has such a distinct style in how she does everything. Her Facebook, blog, Tumblr, Instagram, everything match and she knows her brand to a T.

Not only is her main style all the same, but the way that she writes, designs graphics, and takes pictures is pretty much always the same as well. Same filter. Same style of graphics. I love it. She knows exactly what she is about and how she plans to exicute her blogging.

If you aren't already reading College Prep, you really should get your butt over to that corner of the web-verse and fall in love.

One of the things that I love about Carly's writing is that while she has some set things that she always will write about, she also changes things to follow the different stages of her life. She is no longer in college, so it is no longer the main focus of her blog, though she still goes back to her roots to answer questions about College things. I really want my writing to be like that. I want to write about college because that is where I am right now, but I'm now also a wife and about to graduate in only 3 semesters. I want to expand and make it as seemless as she has acheived so far.

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