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Finals Week. . . DUN DUN DUN

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Guys! I'm super excited that it is finally finals week of my FINAL SPRING SEMESTER! The taste of victory is sooo close guys! So I might be a little scarce this week as I'm concentrating on finishing out and seeing all my friends that are graduating.

I really can't beleive that the time has flown by so much that so many of my friends are graduating. Not only that but one of my strongest rolemodels for my Christian faith, after 4 entire years of disipleship, is leaving town. I've leaned a lot on her to model how my Christian walk should be and she has helped me through a lot. With her leaving, I really feel like I have to figure out how to really stand up in my faith by myself. Which is a great thing but also extremely daunting.

Unfortunatly, with the end of this year, also came my final night to be a bible study leader for the Navigators. I really beleive that I need to focus next semester on finishing out strong accademically. I plan on being around for Nav Nite's and beginning a discipleship relationship that I can put all of my focus into. I really beleive that this is the next step that God is leading me towards as I've spent a lot of time in prayer about this decision. I really loved my group this year and I will truely miss pouring my heart into multiple people. They know that I plan on still being around for all of them whenever they need me, just without the official title.

There are so many changes coming up and while it is quite scary, I am also extremely excited for this life to really start and to get going on the path that God is creating for me.

PS - Was anyone else super excited for Princess Charlotte's birth this weekend? (Though I do agree with others who say that another Princess Diana would have been better. :)

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Sharing A Part of Me

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So today I'm going to step out of my comfort zone a little bit and share some really personal things today. I don't really dive into my faith a lot on this little space because it opens myself up for criticism. Be it good or bad, I can be extremely uncomfortable with opinions on my personal decisions in my life. 

But today I'm going to share my testamony and my path to finding Jesus. I know that I have mentioned being a bible study leader and my faith a time or two on this blog but I don't really make it a giant thing. I'm starting to realize that that was a wrong decision to make about this blog. This blog is about my life and my faith is a giant part of my life. I probably spend around the same time in church or NAV activities or preparing for bible study as I do attending classes. Which means that it takes up a lot of my time.

I know that not everyone who comes to read this blog is a follower of Christ. I hope that that fact doesn't avert you from coming to my blog again. Or makes you skip over my posts that are about my faith. I think you can learn a lot about a person by listening to their stories or about their faith.

But i'm starting to go on a rant. So here it goes.

I didn't grow up in a church like most of the Christian's that I know. I remember attending a Methodist church when I was quite young, but around late elementry school age, we stopped going. And to be honest, back then it didn't really effect me much. It meant I could have more time for friends or to sleep in on the weekend. I had never really paid attention in church or sunday school anyway. A bible sat on my shelf and I didn't even consider myself a Christian. It was just another book full of stories.

It stayed that way for a long time. I moved to Lockport, up near Chicago and my faith was never brought up. I wasn't friends with anyone who went to church and the whole God thing just was never mentioned. Our time was better spent dreaming about boys or talking about My Chemical Romance or Fall Out Boy.

Things didn't reallys start to change for me until I moved to South Dakota. Lennox was a small town with a lot of different churches. Most of the people that I met had some kind of faith in Jesus in one way or another. Whether it was still a superficial faith, like just showing up for bible study or events, or an actual understanding of what Christ had actually done for them. It was just a matter of who you talked to. Some people only attended because their parents wanted them to and others truely had their own faith. I didn't really talk much about it with my new firends and was occasionally dragged from one church event to another without much dedication to the cause.

It wasn't until the end of Junior year, when Simeon and I started talking about our relationship that it became a big deal for me. Suddenly, I was head over heels for a boy who wasn't sure if we could ever actually pursue a relationship (even though he liked me too) because I was not a Christian as he was. I didn't understand and I have to admit to being hurt about it. Now i'm not saying that I became a Christian just so I could date Simeon. That isn't true at all. At some of the events that I had been dragged to I could really feel the pull to come to Christ but always thought that it would just make everything better in my life. But I didn't understand the actual point of faith.

Luckily, Simeon realized this and was the first person who ever sat down with me to discuss what it really means to be a Christian and why he had faith in Jesus Christ.

We talked about it a few times and since I had already been attending church and youth group, I think Simeon just started dating me anyway even though I hadn't taken the whole situation to heart yet. He just took a chance on me.

That summer, I went to church camp for the first time.That kind of environment for a whole week. SOmething finally stuck. One morning while doing devotions together, I suddenly just broke down into I didn't know how to make it up to Jesus for everything that He had done for me. I finally understood what Jesus' purpose in my life was for.

He wasn't there to make the sickness and  problems of everyday life go away. He was there to free me from having to sin everyday. And there to take my place in God's eyes. So that I was now spotless and had a place to sit beside the Father for eternity. He was there to give me strength to make it through the everyday problems because I no longer had no purpose in life other than to live and die. I was living to spread His word and grow in Him.

I guess that was a big thing that I learned through my story that I continue on when I try to Evangelize. Jesus is NOT a magic cure. The world is still full of sin, which means that death and disease rock our world each and every day. Most of the time it isn't "fair." But in a world like ours there is no such thing as fair. Jesus is in our lives to try to make the days better. To free us from the cycles we were stuck in before. To give me a voice to do things that I wouldn't usually do. Like share my personal story on my public blog.

If you have any questions about my story or my faith, please send me an e-mail!
I would love to hear from you and your story.

101 in 1001 Check-up: Part 1

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So this year, instead of the regular New Year's Resolutions, I decided to take part in something bigger. I started a 101 in 1001 list to work on over a long span of time instead of just a year.
To be honest, the going on this list was a little slow, and is still a little slow sometimes, but I thought it would be fun to talk about some of the things that I had accomplished this year so far to renew my want to finish more this next coming year!

Things I have Completed

1| Get 50 Followers!
This one I was quite proud of to be honest! :) I really do like to put a lot of effort into this little space of mine to make it be welcoming for others to come and visit as well as a place for me to share the things that I love and my life.

2| Get 500 pageviews.
This was quite the little milestone in my blogging life, but I was impressed more when just a month later, this little space of mine was hitting that on the monthly, if not going a above and beyond that!

3| Participate in a giveaway.
This one I was EXTREMELY excited when the oppertunity came up for me to share my blog, with the help of Paige's Birthday Giveaway. And give Krystal, 2 months of free ad space! Which on top of that she had already won 1 month of this ad space by participating in my survey, which can still be completed here. So you better to used to her ad since she isn't going anywhere for a while! :)

4| Have a Facebook page.
Now my little page isn't that active right now, but with the New Year around the corner, I have new plans for that little space. So you better go like it now to not miss out on anything!

5| Start a 2nd Blog.
I don't know if many of you follow me at my other blog as well, but earlier this year, I got engaged! Now while I enjoyed plastering it all over here as well. I realized that a space with the title college could never really grow with me into my bigger turns of becoming more of an adult. Did I really want college me to remain in my blog post line-up forever? Not really. So I created a new space that would grow with me more into the future I was making. Becoming A Gilbert.

6| Comment on 40 different Blogs.
This one was fun! I follow a ton of blogs through Bloglovin and that made this task pretty easy, other than only wanting to leave comments of value was the only thing that made this task take so long!

7| Have a legit homemade blog planner.
While it's not at legit as I'm planning for my newest one to be, it was quite good enough to get me through this year. I was pretty proud of my little planner that, when I did have the time to blog, kept me pretty organized!

8| Decide if I want to be a veterinarian or a zoo keeper.
I'm going to change this to zoo keeper/Animal Caretaker. This past semester I truely realized how much I loved just taking care of animals, and how much I truly LOVED horses.

9| Be a bible study leader.
This is another one that I am EXTREMELY proud of myself for doing! I have really been enjoying it and I'm glad that I did it now instead of later. With getting married in May and wanting to have plenty of time with Simeon, I doubt that I will be able to continue next year. I haven't really made up my mind about it. I really do enjoy being a bible study leader now, but it is quite time consuming!

10| Get an Apartment with Roomies
I love this one. It hasn't been the easiest road, but it is super fun to be able to run down the hall to my roommate when I have no inspiration to do anything else. Lindy usually puts me in my place.

11| Buy my 1st Car.
I thought I was going to be more proud of this one than I am at the moment. I am definatly learning that a car is something that you cannot skimp on or make rash decisions about. That's all I really have to say about that one at the moment.

12| Start a Savings Account.
I started it. But with this semester and getting married, it has already been drained unfortunatly. I am hoping that that will change soon.

13| Try Envelope Budgeting.
Tried it. hated it. Is not for college students on campus for sure!

14|Decorate my apartment for Christmas.
It isn't the most wonderfully decorated, but you can feel the Christmas spirit!

15| Try Three New Workouts
Between Lindy and Simeon always bugging me this summer. I was forced, mostly against my will, to work out. Some were fun. Some I will never do again!

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Another Post without Pictures

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I like to think of this as my place to rant sometimes.
But that means that there are no awesome pictures.
And nothing that would truly bring anyone to this blog.

Just a little update on my life.

It's only 6 months until my wedding guys! Which means I gotta start cranking stuff out!
I feel a little lost sometimes. Like I"m missing out on the really fun parts of being engaged in college. Like I should be able to go out and have a good time celebrating but am instead stuck inside doing homework. Which I should actually be doing right now.

Speaking of homework.
I'm constantly doing it! I agree with Lizzy, from Lizzy's Luggage, I will do anything to try to get out of homework. Though I would like to include writing a blog post instead of doing your Physic's lab report to the list!

Did I ever even share what classes I'm taking this year?

Organic Chemistry
Equine Nutrition
Technical Communications

The only fun class in Equine Nutrition and I still have to work my bum off in that class!

Living in an apartment has been fun so far this semester. Though between our crazy schedules, the chores get neglected a lot. We all try to do what we can, when we can, but every once in a while we all just look at each other like this is crazy! Which it is.

Navigators has been awesome though. I'm loving being a bible study leader. I really can't believe that this semester is going by so fast! Soon it going to be Spring semester and we will be moving onto something else. 

This semester is really flying and I have no idea where the time is going. I guess that's what happens when you take 17 credits, have two jobs, be a bible study leader, and am planning a wedding. Throw two blogs in the mix and you can see why I've been going crazy! :)

Things are looking up.
Christmas is on its way.
I'll have a lighter load next semester.
And I'm figuring out my future (finally!)

But more on that part later :)

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Life Shouldn't Be A Checklist

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Junior year has been crazy.
Like wanna just curl up in bed, sleep for the next 3 semesters, crazy.

When your life starts to boil down to an overflowing checklist that grows faster than anything can get done on it, thats extremely bad.

And what are the things that get left on the checklist WAAAYYY longer than they should.

Devotional Time.
Dates with Simeon.
Wedding Planning.
Basically, anything I actually enjoy doing with my time.

Luckily, next semester I'm only going to be taking 16 credits instead of 17, which doesn't sound like a whole lot, but I don't plan on taking as many high caliber classes.
Two of my classes, I expect to be quite fun!

With debate season starting next weekend, I also hope that I can spend a little bit more time being able to blog as Simeon will be gone most weekends for the next 3 to 4 months.
Did you know that I missed my own Blog-iversary on Thursday?
Yep, as of October 31st, I have been blogging on this little space for a year.
Now one thing I have been working on for 2ish months, is this whole new redesign completely done by muah!
I"m getting my new editorial calender all set up with some big goals for this space and Becoming A Gilbert.

I want to jump back into being passionate about something.
I want my room to be spotless
I want my homework done, so I can spend a night a week just being with Simeon and doing something crazy and fun.