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Best of 2014

Well, Hi 2015!

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So did the new year sneak up on anyone else? It sure did for me! I haven't finished designing my blog planner printables yet, finished this blog design that I just threw up on the blog cause I was like oh hey its 2015!!, or finished cleaning the entire house yet.

I've also missed the obvious things that it seems like every blogger should do before the new year starts, a reader's survey (We'll just wait a few months more for that!), a reveiw on what I've accomplished this year, and a top 5 blog posts post! And now I'm expected to give you my new year resolutions!! Oy. Way Behind. Oh well,  You never catch up until you catch up right?

TOP 5 Posts

5| NaNoWriMo| Week 2 Reveiw

4| Our Love Story | Part 2 - Lifelight

3| How I Used My Planner 2014

2| Blog Design | Making Straight All My Paths

1| Wedding Wednesday, Engagement Photos

It's been a great year! It's the year that I married my best friend. The year that Simeon and I bought our first car together completely in cash. I started designing blogs for other people. Did an internship that I completely loved and made a lot of really big life decisions.

Here's to making 2015 even better! What was your favorite post of the year?

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