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The Day I was Baptised

Sabra GilbertComment
I hope that most of you guys know that I'm a Christian. If not than I obvously am not doing my job as a Christian. But anyway. I became a Christian the summer between my junior and senior year of high school but I wasn't baptised right away. While I know that the church that I have been going to beleives in Beleiver Baptism and have watched countless amounts of people undergo beleiver's baptism, but I really didn't think it was for me. Simeon asked me about it numberable times and I just kept repeating that I had been baptised when I was a baby and I didn't really think that I needed to be baptised again. Almost 2 years ago now though, my heart started to change. I started to see how baptism wasn't just for me or to show to other's that I was a beleiver in Jesus, but it was a sign to God that I was going to be obediant to him. Even if I didn't originally see the point.

And that is what baptism is truely about. It isn't for you or me. It's for God & Jesus. Proof to Him that if He asks or calls me to do anything that I will conquer any fear to do that for Him. And trust me, just to go through this single day, I had to go through many different fears.

-Fear of water -  I can't stand getting my face wet. Not my thing. I bring a freaking towel into the shower to wipe off my face numerable times. I won't put my face under water for anything unless I really really really really have to. hate Hate Hate water in my face.

 . . . But I let someone else dunk me in a giant water tank anyway for Christ.

-Fear of talking to strangers -  Baptism day is a giant thing in my church and they make a very big thing out of the summer one. It's right before classes start and everyone is returning to town so there is a picnic at a member's farm and everything. Microphones. Cameras. Bouncy houses. Everything is everywhere. And there are TONS of strangers. I got to a giant church. There is no way to know everyone! Just not possible. And if you are in a baptism shirt, everyone wants to talk to you. And I mean everyone!! Talking to strangers is scary.

. . . But I did it anyway for Christ.

-Fear of Sharing my Testimony - I think that sometimes I'm ashamed that I came to Christ so late. It was always on the edge of my life, but I never allowed Christ in. Until Simeon showed me truely how it should be and I finally started to understand. So I get nervous about sharing with people who proclaim to have been beleivers all of their lives.

. . . But I got up and shared my story for Christ.

It wasn't easy. I shook and stuttered, but I did it and that's all that truely mattered.

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