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#WifeTalkWednesday: My Ovaries Aren't Your Business!

Wife Talk WednesdaySabra GilbertComment

One thing that has driven me nuts since getting married is that everyone seems to have an opinion on when you should start or shouldn't start a family. There are plenty of times that any comment, either positive or negative, could be incredibly hurtful. Especially on something that can be such a delicate subject.

That young wife you may be telling to wait could already be 11 weeks pregnant.

That 30 year old woman that you just told "isn't getting any younger" may have suffered silently through 7 miscarriages already.

"Puppies are such great practice, but don't be thinking about little kiddos yet!" to the woman who may have been "thinking" about those kiddos for the last year and a half unsuccessfully.

So many things that people say off hand to married (or unmarried!!) woman can be the worst thing that a person can hear that day. And if they are anything like me, possibly hold on to it for days on end letting it randomly bounce around their head. And these resonating words become etched on that poor woman's heart.

So I urge you today to remember that another woman's reproductive plan isn't any of your business! She may be your best friend, daughter, aunt, sister, sister in law, or even just a stranger on the street. There are so many different things that you are invading on other than just their baby plans.

You are inviting yourself to know of a pregnancy before the family is ready to share.

You are inviting yourself into the woman's story of waiting, loss. or indecision on when to have kids.

You are inviting yourself into the talks between a husband and wife on when they are going to expand their family

You are inviting yourself directly into the bedroom of a married couple, and you have absolutely no reason to be there. 

Don't worry. I completely understand why you have invited yourself into these places. You're curious on when you get to start planning our baby shower, or if you can plan a raging alcohol filled party and not feel guilty when I can't drink. But I promise you that there are better ways to approach the whole situation, other than your lightly veiled side comment.  And I beg you to use those ideas instead.

So what are your awkward baby related conversations?