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Summer 2013 Bucket List

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So, summer is only a month away from coming to an end. Now if you are like me, you figured your would have ALLLLLLL the time in the world to do the million and one things that you put off until the summer when you thought you would "have more time". 


Was I wrong? OH YEAH! This summer has been insanely busy and I have barely scratched the surface on my list!

But it had completely blew my mind that summer would go this fast and now I am down to one month to do the things that I want to!

Michelle sent me an email because she is thinking of starting a blog for her spa! She wanted to get some experience and I said go ahead! So without further ado, here is Michelle with her guest post.


Remember when you were a girl and summer went by delightfully slowly? Those youthful days at the beach or lazing around the backyard were long and lazy. So what happened? As adults, it can seem as though, as soon as summer begins, it's already time for the kids to go back to school. That's why it's important to make summer days count. Every summer I make a list of things I want to do. Here are a few ideas from my list, maybe they will inspire you to make a list of your own.

One way to enhance summertime pleasure is to show your loved ones how much you love them. While saying "I love you" often is important, you might go further. For each family member, you could plan a special day of togetherness. For instance, spend a day alone with your daughter. Go shopping, go for ice cream, go on a bike ride – anything she'd enjoy. Or spend an evening with your husband doing activities you did before getting married: strolling on the beach, bowling, or whatever. If possible, you could visit the location of your first meeting or first date. And surely your parents would be thrilled if you surprised them with a picnic lunch.

Consider a weekend getaway with your spouse, too. Going someplace you've never been before is the perfect way to refresh your spirit; upon returning home you'll have more energy to tackle your daily schedule. Remember, though, that successful romantic trips include activities both people enjoy. So if your husband adores poker, for instance, stay at a resort that lets him hit the poker tables while you're pampering yourself at the spa. Then the two of you can get together to drink, dance, and watch the sun go down.

Summertime is also ideal for taking up a hobby. Happily, there's a hobby for every interest, and it's never too late to start one. Terrific examples include book clubs, gardening, running, and hiking. Using the Internet you can easily find groups for whatever it is that interests you in your community. All these pastimes will help you unwind after work, sharpen your mind, and make friends.

Speaking of friends, why not get in touch with a friend you hardly see anymore? Send her a social media message or even better call her. Invite her for drinks or for coffee. She'll likely be excited that you've contacted her. You may be surprised at just how much you two still have to talk about. From personal experience sometimes “remember whens” turn out to be some of the best conversations.

So much of life can seem like a blur, especially as you focus on day-to-day minutia. But taking the time to do something fun – something that challenges the mind or the body, and something that lets you connect with friends and family in intimate ways – can really break up a monotonous routine. It’s these occasions that people hold in their hearts always, even as time passes by relentlessly.

Michelle Pino, is a Spa Manager at Skana, a spa in upstate New York at the Turning Stone Resort and Casino in Verona, NY.  She enjoys DIY projects, healthy recipes, exercise, and all things related to skin care. If you have any comments or questions feel free to contact Michelle via email at

Now, I don't know about you, but this post made me want to revisit my summer to do list and narrow it down to the last few things that I am dying to have put together or started before the school years starts so it doesn't get put to the wayside for another year or so. 

Here is my list!

Finish 5 books
Collect pictures for a poster.
Go through old room tubs.
Have a workout plan.
Have an organized life.

What I Wish I'd Learned in High School

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So I'm on spring break and enjoying being home with my family and gang of furry animals. As I woke up to Stormie banging around the room to get ready for school this morning, I started wondering what I really wished I ha learned in high school.
So here are one of my 5 Things Lists again!

1| Finances
I really wish there had been a class that focused on handling finances and college loans and all that, that didn't have the stigma of being for the kids who wouldn't cut it in college and would probably just go into the work force right away. I was encouraged to take economics instead which was the biggest waste of my time ever! Except that I got to hang with my bestie for 85 minutes every other day and talk through the entire class who was taught by someone who had no idea what he was talking about.

2| How to Study
I never had to study in high school. I am a pretty good test taker and in high school, it seems like half the time that's really all you need. To pay attention in class and be a good test taker. I breezed through most of my classes without really thinking about studying. Though now that I'm in hard college level science classes, I'm struggling to remember that I need to study and figuring how to study correctly. and it slightly sucks. 

3| The Importance of Saving Money in High School
I wish that I had actually had a job while in high school. Instead I decided to join 101 activities and spend all of my time doing that and homework instead of ever getting a job, even for the summer. And then I wish I had also then learned how important it was to save a portion of the money that i earned and buy myself a car or be able to pay off part of college out of pocket instead of  piling up these loans. 

4| How to Cook
I move into my own apartment this year where I have to start making my own food, and I have absolutely no idea how to actually cook! I can make some mean mac&cheese (from the box!). But that's about it. While I can't wait to be making my own food, I feel like I'm going to go through a huge time of trial and error starting on May 1st. Wish me luck!

5| How to do Legit Research
I now have to write 7-9 page papers and am expected to join into Undergraduate Research projects. I barely know where to start! In high school, we never used the big fancy equipment that I'm now expected to use without too much trouble. Or how to find legit journal articles. In high school, Wiki may have often been used without penalties. Now, I feel slightly overwhelmed with these big changes.

 I've adjusted by now, but high school didn't set me up very nicely for these huge changes that had to happen. Maybe that's the way its supposed to me. But I would have loved some help adjusting better!

5 Things That Annoy Records & Registration Office Workers

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So, I work in my school's Records & Registration office as a work-study student and I know the different things that can peeve off the ladies in my office. So these things probably annoy the staff in any school's office. 

5| Handwriting is Important! 
If you even have slightly sketchy handwriting and can get the form online, TYPE IT!
I hate wasting time trying to decipher names for alphabetizing or addresses for things that get mailed back

Write your best and if your best is still iffy, TYPE!

4| Angry Callers
Watch your temper with these ladies! They do handle your grades! Not that they would ever be that petty, but frustrated callers are annoying to the people answering the phones.

We are trying to help you, so don't yell at us!

3| Offices have a Recording for a Reason!
No one likes to listen to a recording, but we don't have time to answer the phone all the time and get our piles of work done. If it is a frequently asked question, it is most likely answered on the recording. If you absolutly need to talk to someone, then you can let the call go through.

Please just listen to the recording first!!

2| State what you Want EXACTLY within the first minute of calling.
We don't want some long story about your aunt's dog eating your textbook, if you want to add a class. Tell us what you want right off the bat. One of the most annoying things is when we play hot potato with the phone because someone says that they want this, when what they really want is that, but it just happens that they actually need that other thing.

Save your stories for if they are needed later!

1| Look for a Form First!!!
Need to change something? Want to order a transcript or new diploma? There is most likely a form that needs to be filled out. Please, use this form! Most annoying thing ever is when we recieve a scrap piece of paper that doesn't have the right information on it. Also, make sure to read EVERYTHING on the form so that we don't have to call you to get point blank information that is necessary to process your request and will delay whatever you are wanting to get.

Research first!!

I beg you, please take these little tips if you ever have to do anything in the records and registration office. We love the people who come prepared! We really do!

5 Apps of Windows 8 That I Love!

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So when I first turned on my new laptop, I had completely no idea what to expect from Windows 8.
And I hated it to begin with.

But slowly I am growing accustomed to its weirdness, and am slowly learning to love it!
even if it wasn't made for a laptop.

This is my start page!!! While i barely really use it, it really has a few things that I absolutely LOVE!

1. The Photo Page | Instead of a boring file thingy popping up when I want to look at my pictures, I get this page! The cover photo of the folder is constantly changing. The photo app also gets my pictures from Facebook and everything else that I could store pictures on. Its kinda awesome! :)

2. The Clock/Date thingy | I'll admit to not knowing what it is really called, but I like that I can just look at the time and the date in a glance. It's really helpful to me since I don't wear a watch and seem to always be misplacing my phone across the room.

3. The Calender! | I'm not really sure why I put this in the middle of the post instead of the first or the last one because I LOVE THIS APP! but then again I just like calenders in general. :) I keep a handwritten calender on my wall, an updated cell phone calender, and then this one too. I also have a school planner and working on making a blog planner. I know its a little overkill, but it keeps me organized!

4. The Weather | I'm not a check the weather kind of gal. And it gets me into a lot of trouble in South Dakota where the weather is INSANE! It changes quickly from day to day and drives me crazy! So this is just an easy way to get a quick veiw of the weather before I head out the door and freeze/sweat to death.

5. The CW app| Most of the shows that I watch are on the CW. This is just a few clicks straight to my favorite shows, instead of going all the way through the site and such. It can run a little slower sometimes, but other than that it is pretty good as long as I'm doing nothing else.

What are you favorite apps on Windows 8?

5 Stress Releivers

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Hey! So I don't know about you guys, but for me, Finals are NEXT WEEK!
I'm slightly worried about a few of my exams so stress is in high supply right now, so I figured you guys are probably getting stressed as well!

So here are my 5 favorite ways to de-stressify myself!

1. Dance party | Dancing is the best stress reliever ever! You get out all the frustration in weird moves and your favorite song will always make your day better! If you don't feel like just choosing one song, try Pandora for a mix!
2. Kittens | How can watching kittens not help you relax. This KittenCam can get the ahhhh factor going for you!
3. Take a break and watch a show | Getting caught up in someone else's drama is the best way to forget your own! I enjoy a good Gossip Girl or Vampire Diaries episode to get wrapped up in. Episodes for both can be found here.
4. Take a Nap |This one is easy and requires getting off your laptop! Hop in your bed and cover your head.
5. Stretch it out! | Yoga is calming for the nerves. Find a youtube video you like and Zen out.