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Simeon & Sabra || 2 & 6 Year Anniversaries

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Ready for a gushy post today? Cause that is what you are going to get!! May is always one of my favorite months, summer comes, school is out, and we celebrate our anniversaries! Our dating and wedding anniversaries are only 3 days apart! Which was to make sure that Simeon remembered when our anniversary way! If the 20th hadn't been a Tuesday in 2014, it probably would have just stayed our only anniversary, but we weren't going to wait for a year that made the 20th a Saturday! It wouldn't have been until next year!

Anyway, lets take a trip down memory road. . .

THEN - 2 Year Dating Anniversary

Simeon and I had both just finished our first year of college when we went to celebrate our 2nd dating anniversary. I think we went to a movie and Simeon's brother college graduation party! I was already done with the whole long distance thing and was ready for Simeon to come back and marry me already. Of course, Simeon has other plans and really wanted to get his Associate's in Bible from Grace University in Omaha. (Apparently he is really determined to live in Nebraska!)

(Excuse the crappy quality photos! Point & Shoot + Facebook download = grainy photos!)

Look at those two crazy kids! We thought we knew so much and were ready to take on the world together. Hahaha! I was just about to start my job at Records & Registration at State and sublease and apartment right above Simeon's apartment so that we could be together the entire summer. I was also taking two summer classes that made me completely crazy for the month of June. Ever gone through the entire Old Testament in one month? While learning calculus as well? It's crazy! Simeon was working for his parents the whole summer and spending the rest of his free time bugging me. 

We started experimenting with cookings together and watched countless hours of Stargate. We made blanket forts and lied to the community pool so that we and Simeon's mom could get a family pass instead of paying double the amount for three individual passes. I honestly don't think we spent more than the hours we were both at work apart.


4 Year Dating Anniversary & Wedding Day

For us, the celebration seemed to last all week since we not only got married, but we were celebrating our 4 year dating anniversary as well! 

We were so excited to start our lives together! And were going on our first big trip, just the two of us! We spent our honeymoon in Omaha (Nebraska. . . again. Seriously, maybe we are just meant to be in Nebraska!) so we could go see Wicked and spent the week walking the old market and picking out stuff for our new home together! But all those honeymoon photos I took are somehow gone! :/



 2 Year Wedding & 6 Years Dating Anniversaries

Honestly, I still can't believe that it's been so long already! It seems like just yesterday we were planning our "perfect" day (which, if I'm being honest, I barely remember most of it since it was so crazy!) So much has changed in the last few years! 

We graduated with our bachelor degrees!

We have the most adorable little puppy!

We are moving out of state on our own!

Simeon is about to start grad school!

I have started my own business, and while it works better for me to also have a part time job when we move, it's doing really well!

We've grown so much as a couple and know that we can still continue to grow as a couple as we grow older together.

And I can't wait to see how much more we change together in the future!

The Day I was Baptised

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I hope that most of you guys know that I'm a Christian. If not than I obvously am not doing my job as a Christian. But anyway. I became a Christian the summer between my junior and senior year of high school but I wasn't baptised right away. While I know that the church that I have been going to beleives in Beleiver Baptism and have watched countless amounts of people undergo beleiver's baptism, but I really didn't think it was for me. Simeon asked me about it numberable times and I just kept repeating that I had been baptised when I was a baby and I didn't really think that I needed to be baptised again. Almost 2 years ago now though, my heart started to change. I started to see how baptism wasn't just for me or to show to other's that I was a beleiver in Jesus, but it was a sign to God that I was going to be obediant to him. Even if I didn't originally see the point.

And that is what baptism is truely about. It isn't for you or me. It's for God & Jesus. Proof to Him that if He asks or calls me to do anything that I will conquer any fear to do that for Him. And trust me, just to go through this single day, I had to go through many different fears.

-Fear of water -  I can't stand getting my face wet. Not my thing. I bring a freaking towel into the shower to wipe off my face numerable times. I won't put my face under water for anything unless I really really really really have to. hate Hate Hate water in my face.

 . . . But I let someone else dunk me in a giant water tank anyway for Christ.

-Fear of talking to strangers -  Baptism day is a giant thing in my church and they make a very big thing out of the summer one. It's right before classes start and everyone is returning to town so there is a picnic at a member's farm and everything. Microphones. Cameras. Bouncy houses. Everything is everywhere. And there are TONS of strangers. I got to a giant church. There is no way to know everyone! Just not possible. And if you are in a baptism shirt, everyone wants to talk to you. And I mean everyone!! Talking to strangers is scary.

. . . But I did it anyway for Christ.

-Fear of Sharing my Testimony - I think that sometimes I'm ashamed that I came to Christ so late. It was always on the edge of my life, but I never allowed Christ in. Until Simeon showed me truely how it should be and I finally started to understand. So I get nervous about sharing with people who proclaim to have been beleivers all of their lives.

. . . But I got up and shared my story for Christ.

It wasn't easy. I shook and stuttered, but I did it and that's all that truely mattered.

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Well, Hi 2015!

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So did the new year sneak up on anyone else? It sure did for me! I haven't finished designing my blog planner printables yet, finished this blog design that I just threw up on the blog cause I was like oh hey its 2015!!, or finished cleaning the entire house yet.

I've also missed the obvious things that it seems like every blogger should do before the new year starts, a reader's survey (We'll just wait a few months more for that!), a reveiw on what I've accomplished this year, and a top 5 blog posts post! And now I'm expected to give you my new year resolutions!! Oy. Way Behind. Oh well,  You never catch up until you catch up right?

TOP 5 Posts

5| NaNoWriMo| Week 2 Reveiw

4| Our Love Story | Part 2 - Lifelight

3| How I Used My Planner 2014

2| Blog Design | Making Straight All My Paths

1| Wedding Wednesday, Engagement Photos

It's been a great year! It's the year that I married my best friend. The year that Simeon and I bought our first car together completely in cash. I started designing blogs for other people. Did an internship that I completely loved and made a lot of really big life decisions.

Here's to making 2015 even better! What was your favorite post of the year?

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Wedding Wednesday: Formal Portraits

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I'll admit it, we didn't spend much time taking more formal photos. . . well at least us girls didn't. The boys ended up having a longer time since they were actually running on time on the day of the wedding. Which super surprises me. So here are some of the individual photos we took before the ceremony and together after the ceremony.

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Wedding Wednesday: Final Moments

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So while we didn't do a first look photography moment, we did a few little other photo opps that were a little different. The night before the wedding, and after the rehersal festivities, when Simeon and I were saying goodbye and seeing each other for the last time before we were getting married, we did a last single girl kiss photo. And I adore it!

These had to be some of my favorite moments, because they weren't rushed and Simeon and I were able to spend a few minutes together without other people interupting and without seeing each other as well the day of the wedding. Before our ceremony, we decided to do a photo op while we prayed for our future marriage together. I adore these little moments.

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