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#PrepYourBlog2016: Readers Survey

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As I talked about last Tuesday, it is time to be prepping your blog for 2016!! One way to make sure that you are putting the most effort into the things that will give you the best return is to survey your readers to find out what they really want from you!

Which is what I'm here to do today! 

Thank you so much for filling out the survey! Be on the lookout this afternoon for Mini Day Designer Loop Giveaway on my Instagram!

5 Ways to Prep Your Blog for the New Year

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December is the month that kind of kicks you in the butt. I suddenly realize that there were plenty of things that I had wanted to do this year but wasn't able to do for random reasons, but know that I really want to accomplish this next year. So I start preparing like crazy to make those things happen.

This next year is going to be big for BSG here and MPD. So I've been working like crazy brainstorming everything that I want to acheive this next year and what I want these things to become. And how I'm going to do it. 

And it's time for you to start doing the same!

1| Dig Deep into your Blog 2016 Goals

It's pretty easy to grab a piece of paper and write down that you want so and so followers on this and that form of social media, but it honestly isn't going to get you anywhere. Make a game plan for those goals.

How are you going to increase your followers? What are you going to change about your routine to fit in blogging more? What programs are you going to buy or download to improve your graphics?

2| Revisit your Branding

I'm not saying go and get a new design, but revisit the purpose and vibe of your blog.

Are you really being true to yourself? Does your blog fully represent you? 

3| Update all your Social Media Profiles

This is a little task that we all seem to forget to do. Right now is the perfect time to update everything that is out of date or change things that no longer represent you.

What information is important for your followers to know? How old is your profile photo?

4| Steamline Some of your Tasks

As a blogger, I know there are some things that just seem to take forever! And that we all hate. I mean lets be honest, as much as we love blogging, we hate parts of it. Look up different ways to avoid spending the majority of your time doing these tasks.

Still posting to social media manually? Look up different schedulers and spend less time on social media every day. Images taking forever? Find a template for InDesign or use the same method on Picmonkey every time. Then there is no questioning if something looks good, you can just do it and change things up a little bit.

5| Work on Your Editorial Calendar

 This is a great time to plan ahead for 2016! If you are anything like me, you completely forget about a holiday or big event until it is right up on you, unless you plan ahead. Now is a great time to plan out different holiday posts and plant reminders ahead of time to do them!

Are there any big events coming up in life this year? Like a blogaversary? Big wedding anniversary? Any special holiday projects that you just can't wait to write about?

I would love to see what you guys are doing to prep your blog for 2016! Show me on Instagram or tell me on Twitter using #PrepYourBlog2016

PS - What are your goals and dreams for your blog in 2016?                Tell me below!