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Starting My Journey with Oils

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I’ve always been a strong believer in western medicine. Practically to the point of carrying a pharmacy in my purse. I had my midol, exedrin migraine, ibphrophen, and don’t forget the Benedryl! And that’s just the beginning. If it was winter, I usually had cough drops, nyquil and dayquil stocked up like it was going out of style!

But that’s all changing now.

Last November, I was in my best friends wedding. And I had a massive cold. Couldn’t talk, constantly coughing, just all around miserable kind of cold that dayquil and nyquil just weren’t treating it at all.

Luckily, my best friend’s new mother in law had a solution! She brought me over a warm tea of oils. Which I drank and gargled as ordered, even though I had no faith that it would actually help. How could little plant oils help me where my medicine had failed me??

But I made it through the rehearsal dinner with minimal coughing or sneezing, had the best sleep of my life, and spent the whole day in the freezing cold in a dress just fine. And was still able to make my matron-of-honor speech the next night without my cold getting in the way. Then I also danced the night away and just plain started feeling a million times better after the tea!

Suddenly, I was incredibly interested in getting my own oils to use!! But once I started researching, I realized how expensive they were.

So I didn’t get them right away.

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And then they started popping up everywhere for me. And I started seeing how much better they were for my skin and body. I saw an app called Think Dirty and started scanning all the items in my home and seeing how bad they were for me! Especially with my obvious hormone imbalance, the amount of products in our home that we had that were also messing with my hormones terrified me!

So I started researching the different companies and finally settled back onto Young Living Essential Oils. I love that they cultivate and grow their own plants under the very strict regulations for their Seed to Seal guarantee to make sure everything is as pure and wonderful as it can be. And even if someone in the company does mess up, Young Living does self-audits to find and fix the problem as soon as possible. They are also a Christian company who does wonderful things to support the world and help in disaster relief.

Guys. I love these oils.

So Much.


I use them every day, multiple times a day. Start my day with oily tea and end my day with a sleepy time roller and diffuser blend.

And I can’t wait to start sharing all these recipes with you! Now you could wait around to see a few more of my oily blog posts and see how they’ve completely changed my life first, or you could jump right in and order your own and learn your own fun oily recipes!

Everything started with the Young Living Premium Starter kit!! It starts you off with the perfect set of 11 oils to start mixing wonderful things and improving your life! And a diffuser to soak in all the amazing smells of the oils!!

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