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6 Budget-Friendly Valentine's Day Dates

Sabra GilbertComment

A lot of people see Valentine's Day as a day to make their significant other spend gobs of money on them: on roses, chocolates, a fancy reservation, lingerie, you name it! But honestly, as much fun as those exuberant dates can be, I enjoy just being able to spend the entire day with my love. Which is an extremely good thing since there are some years where expensive dates are just not in the question. Like years where you're traveling to five different grad schools all over the country this Spring, then having to move to one of these locations. Or any other time when saving is higher priority than spending.

But just because you need to save doesn't mean that you can't have a fun Valentine's Day!

Yes, this was our homemade pizza from last year. :)

Yes, this was our homemade pizza from last year. :)

Date Night In

1|| Redbox & Homemade Pizza in the shape of a heart

2|| Day Long Netflix Binge & Your Favorite Dinner

3|| Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake & Walmart's Deli Pizza (add a little extra cheese and it is heaven!)

4|| Game Night & Candlelight Dinner at Home

Date Night Out

5|| Dressy McDonald's (Any other decently priced place will work as well! Just get dressed up and have fun surprising the workers with your best dress!)

6|| CheapSeat Movies (we have a place in Sioux Falls that is only $3 a person for a movie, the movies are usually out of all the other theater's)

None of these ideas are insanely crazy. And most tend to stay under $20 or so. The point is to simply have fun doing something that maybe you don't get to do very often. Just slow down and enjoy a night with the love of your life. 

Valentine's Day can be dressy. It can be comfy. It can be putting a small twist on something that you do all the time.