You and Me & Chasing Little G

Gemma's Newborn Nursery Reveal

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I hinted weeks ago that I was going to be sharing Gemma’s nursery, and I’m finally getting to it! The funniest part is that this is almost nothing of what it looks like now. These photos were taken at our maternity session when I was 37 weeks pregnant and thought I had everything perfectly laid out the way I wanted it by the time Gemma got home. Ha!

Newborn Nursery Reveal || You & Me Chasing Little G

After Gemma came home, things quickly started getting moved around. Many of the daily things needed ended up out of the nursery and heading pretty quickly to our room, where Gemma slept for the first 5 months of her life. We not only had the extra changing table and bassinet in our room, but many of the baby outfits, diapers, little toys, and all the swaddles ended up in our tiny room with all of our stuff too. I will admit that i was quite a mess in there for a while.

I will have to do a 9 months later post as well, because even since moving Gemma into her own room, so many things have changed! I finally got her a diffuser all set up. She has sooo many toys that I try to present in a Montessori inspired manner. And I miss that stockpile of things in her closet. The wipes disappeared fast! We are down to only one box left in the closet, but we have also now switched to mostly using cloth wipes as well.

I hope you enjoy and get some inspiration from her adorable little starter room!