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Moving to Lincoln has brought so many different changes! One of the largest ones was that I started a full time job on top of MPD. With Simeon in school, we needed a secure second income as well as what Simeon is making for being a teaching/research assistant at UNL.  While I still plan on doing MPD on the side, the income from MPD just isn't steady enough yet to be a solution at the moment. But I'm sure that you have heard enough about MPD over the months, and would love to know what I'm doing now!!

My New Job

I started working at a humane society here in Lincoln and I absolutely love it! Sure, it can be difficult when we get tough cases or when people surrender sweet animals. But getting to make a dark part of an animals life a little better through some extra love and treats makes it worth it. It's also great to see owners faces when they are reconnected with their lost pet! 

I am an office clerk at the moment working in the building that has all the strays and intakes new animals into the humane society. It's been a pretty steep learning curve trying to learn everything we do in the office day in and day out, but I've enjoyed it along the way so far. It's been almost a month since I started and I've learned that I won't know everything until I have been working for at least a year. But everyone's happy that I'm catching on decently fast. 

The worst part is that I want to take all the pets home. All the cute kitties and puppies and all the giant Maincoons and old man dogs. I have already convinced Simeon to let me bring home some foster kittens!  

Our Fosters

While I wont go crazy in depth about the foster kitties at the moment, I can share a little bit! We have an adorable mama cat and her four little furballs! It was supposed to be the simple, just keep a nice and calm place for mama to raise her little kittens but now they all have something going on and aren't feeling the best. Which is why I don't have a ton of adorable photos of the little fur balls! But when they get better, I plan on doing a little photoshoot!

Speaking of Photoshoots. . .

I'm so excited that Simeon and I have scheduled a family photoshoot with our favorite photographer for next week!! I still have to figure out our outfits but Fox will be wearing the most adorable little Fox tie!! I"m so excited.  This will be our first official photoshoot with Fox and I'm hoping that it will go well! But then again, maybe I"ll get some great blog material about what to do or not do with a dog in a photoshoot!

And everything else. . .

Next week is my birthday!! I'm super excited and about to spend a weekend off work in some awesome nebraska zoos! I adore the Omaha Zoo and plan on spending a whole day there and then I have been dying to see the Lincoln Children's Zoo!! My birthday is a Monday and I have no idea what I'm actually doing on my birthday. But I'll give you a fun recap afterward! 

So random to just need to spew everything that has been going on. But currently I don't have any how to's or tips and tricks for that. I just needed to talk about everything that is going on. I hope you don't mind. 

So what have you been up to?