You and Me & Chasing Little G

Moving Takes it's Toll. . .

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We've been in Lincoln for two weeks now. Two whirl wind weeks of working to wear Fox out and unpacking and exploring and figuring how to drive in this town and then playing with Fox some more.  Now that things are starting to settle down just a bit, I thought that I would give an update!

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Fox Bentley

I think Fox loves it out here! He doesn't have any best doggy friends yet, but I think he's ok anyway. We take him to the dog parks and he plays with random dogs and I've been home all day with him. So he has really been enjoying that! He has a larger apartment to play in and I promise that he is enjoying every second of that! He runs through every single room and has zoomies all over the place! He chases his toys and balls up and down the hall from the living room through to the master bedroom.

He goes to the dog park and runs through creates and chases birds, then turns around in a panic looking for mommy and daddy because the dog parks are so big that he can get a few hundred feet away from us and then wonders where we are. 

Our New Home

I love it! I've gotten about 50% of the rooms fully set up with only the dining room, office, and bedroom left to get things sorted out! Oh, and the second bathroom but since that is more Simeon's bathroom, I'm letting him figure out how he wants to organize it! I'm enjoying the space and working on getting everything where we want it! 

And we got a corner apartment that has ALL THE NATURAL LIGHT!! I love it! There is also a cute wild grass field right behind us that has gorgeous sunrises and sunsets! If there wasn't an interstate beyond that field, I would use it for photo shoots! Thought I think there may be a way that I can anyway! 

Lincoln in general has been super fun to figure out as well! Though driving isn't my favorite (Lincoln is about double the size of Sioux Falls, the biggest place I've ever really driven before!), I'm getting used to it! And driving to the awesome dog parks makes it worth it! I'm enjoying actually being able to shop wherever we want for once as well! Brookings was so limited on department stores and also didn't have a Target. Lincoln has three!!

Grad School for Simeon

Simeon started classes on Monday! He's been excited and nervous and super focused. Gone all day long but he seems to enjoy it! 

What I'm Up To

I just heard today that I start my new job on Tuesday! I'm extremely excited, but I'll talk about that at another time! I'll be moving to part time on MPD to make sure that Simeon is free to focus on his studies and not worrying about our budget. But on top of a new full time job, taking MPD part time, Fox, and this blog, I've partnered up with a fewllow book loving photographer to start an online book club called The Book Book Nook!!

The Book Book Nook

The Book Book Nook is for lovers of speculative YA! Think Divergent, Throne of Glass, and many, many more wonderful titles! At the moment, we are a Facebook Group about to declare our first book for the month of July!! Soon we will be a thriving group and blog dedicated to the wonderful troves of magic, dystopian, and thrilling Young Adult literature that I and many others enjoy as well!!

Want more information? Join our Facebook group and you will be the first to know!