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Trello Hacks: Organizing Your Grocery List

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Physical grocery lists ALWAYS get lost in my house.

It’s just doomed to happen and there is no saving it. It gets lost on the way to the store. Or it falls off the fridge and a dog eats it. Or now I even have a baby who thinks that paper is the best snack in the world. facepalm. So going digital was the way to go for us. But many “grocery list” apps drive me crazy. They just have a single list or the list is broken up into catagories that just don’t work for me. See, Simeon and I are bargin shoppers. We know where to get some of the cheapest food for basics, but also like to go to different stores for better quality meats or produce. And most apps, you can’t label what store you want to get the item from.

Enter Trello.

I had already started my love affair with trello months before I decided that this was where we were going to house our grocery list. Actually, I wrote about it on the blog for Beauty Bright Design. It also shares a peak at one of the ways that I have tried doing a grocery list board in the past. But Simeon didn’t like it that much, so we are onto idea two which is much simpler! But I’ll be sharing both ways in case it works better for you the other way as well!

But Why is Trello So Amazing for Grocery Shopping Lists?

1 || Update on the Go - Ever see an amazing meal on TV or have a random thought in the bathroom about how you are almost out of toilet paper? Has that thought ever made it to the kitchen to put these items on a grocery list? Very rarely. I love being able to just pop Trello up ON MOBILE and add whatever I need. It’s perfect.

2 || Connect with Your Spouse - Gone are the days of accidentally starting two separate grocery lists and someone not getting what the other person needs. We are both on this board TOGETHER and can see if the other person has already added something, or if one person is actively at the grocery store, they can see what the other is adding in real time. No more calling the other person a million times during one shopping trip! Just update Trello and shoot a quick text or turn on notifications that something has changed!

3 || Less Waste - Once a list is used, it is soo hard to re-use it. You probably crossed things off, the paper got crumbled, or it got smeared to high heaven when you dropped it in that puddle. So you grab another piece of paper and another and another. Going digital starts to slow down your carbon footprint and it’s just a small change you can make today to start going ZeroWaste.

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So first things, first.

If you don’t have Trello already, SIGN UP NOW! Seriously, how have you lived your life so far?!? Then go ahead and make a Home Team, this is so you can link up with anyone in your household that needs to be adding things to the grocery list.

Route #1 Of How to Build Your Trello Grocery List

Make Your Lists

This is the meal planning and grocery list all in one package! It starts with 5 Lists: Grocery List, Dinner Ideas, Lunch Idea, Breakfast Ideas, Snack Ideas. You can also add more lists if needed (Drink Recipes, Baby Food Recipes, Dessert Recipes, etc)

Trello Grocery & Meal Planning Example

Filling in Your Lists

Start by filling in your lists with all your favorite recipes. Use the checklists to list your ingredients (this is the most important part!) and then in the description, you can link to the actual recipe if needed. Or type it out. Or if you have it memorized just leave it blank :)

Putting the ingredients in the checklist is important because you can change checklist items into cards for your actual grocery list in the first list. It does make the item disappear from the checklist, but you can duplicate the checklist before you change things over.

Organizing Your Grocery List

I go to multiple different stores when I grocery shop, so I LOVE to color code on this grocery list which items I get from which stores and put them in the order of those labels.

Route #2 of Building Your Grocery Shopping List

This is the method that we currently use and is the easiest to use. The board simply has the places that we shop listed and we put the items that we need in each list as we go. We do our meal planning on Google Calendar now because it gives us a good look at our day in one glance.

Simple Trello Grocery List

It takes a lot less maintenance and is very simple. It was how we originally used the board, but then I thought I could improve on it. For people who have the Type A personality or don’t have a new baby clinging to them, it still works great, but we need something that is simple for now. Meal planning that we can easily just move around. Grocery lists that we can easily transfer to grocery pick up sights.