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Simeon & Sabra || 2 & 6 Year Anniversaries

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Ready for a gushy post today? Cause that is what you are going to get!! May is always one of my favorite months, summer comes, school is out, and we celebrate our anniversaries! Our dating and wedding anniversaries are only 3 days apart! Which was to make sure that Simeon remembered when our anniversary way! If the 20th hadn't been a Tuesday in 2014, it probably would have just stayed our only anniversary, but we weren't going to wait for a year that made the 20th a Saturday! It wouldn't have been until next year!

Anyway, lets take a trip down memory road. . .

THEN - 2 Year Dating Anniversary

Simeon and I had both just finished our first year of college when we went to celebrate our 2nd dating anniversary. I think we went to a movie and Simeon's brother college graduation party! I was already done with the whole long distance thing and was ready for Simeon to come back and marry me already. Of course, Simeon has other plans and really wanted to get his Associate's in Bible from Grace University in Omaha. (Apparently he is really determined to live in Nebraska!)

(Excuse the crappy quality photos! Point & Shoot + Facebook download = grainy photos!)

Look at those two crazy kids! We thought we knew so much and were ready to take on the world together. Hahaha! I was just about to start my job at Records & Registration at State and sublease and apartment right above Simeon's apartment so that we could be together the entire summer. I was also taking two summer classes that made me completely crazy for the month of June. Ever gone through the entire Old Testament in one month? While learning calculus as well? It's crazy! Simeon was working for his parents the whole summer and spending the rest of his free time bugging me. 

We started experimenting with cookings together and watched countless hours of Stargate. We made blanket forts and lied to the community pool so that we and Simeon's mom could get a family pass instead of paying double the amount for three individual passes. I honestly don't think we spent more than the hours we were both at work apart.


4 Year Dating Anniversary & Wedding Day

For us, the celebration seemed to last all week since we not only got married, but we were celebrating our 4 year dating anniversary as well! 

We were so excited to start our lives together! And were going on our first big trip, just the two of us! We spent our honeymoon in Omaha (Nebraska. . . again. Seriously, maybe we are just meant to be in Nebraska!) so we could go see Wicked and spent the week walking the old market and picking out stuff for our new home together! But all those honeymoon photos I took are somehow gone! :/



 2 Year Wedding & 6 Years Dating Anniversaries

Honestly, I still can't believe that it's been so long already! It seems like just yesterday we were planning our "perfect" day (which, if I'm being honest, I barely remember most of it since it was so crazy!) So much has changed in the last few years! 

We graduated with our bachelor degrees!

We have the most adorable little puppy!

We are moving out of state on our own!

Simeon is about to start grad school!

I have started my own business, and while it works better for me to also have a part time job when we move, it's doing really well!

We've grown so much as a couple and know that we can still continue to grow as a couple as we grow older together.

And I can't wait to see how much more we change together in the future!

Our Valentine's Day

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This year we had a pretty interesting day! It started very very relaxed, then lots of time in the car, and then a fun musical show and dinner!! 

My little sister's birthday is today, so we thought it would be fun to head to my parent's house Saturday night to hang out with her. But she ended up taking a babysitting job, but I was content to chit chat with my mom and play with her pups. I don't think Kya and Snickers have officially gotten an introduction on this blog before, and I'll have to make sure to do that this summer! But I love going to my parents house and seeing them! Its a mini celebration of whines, jumping, and plenty of face licks EVERY SINGLE TIME i walk through that front door. And honestly, I'm in love with every second of it! And I always love a good chat with my mom! We stayed up playing with puppies and hanging with my mom until my sister came home from babysitting, and then I got to hang out with her (and see my brother too!). We did normal sisterly stuff like picking out Valentine's Day outfits at midnight and a few light punches were thrown (she may be my little sister, but she is taller and picks on me more than the other way around!!). 

Our Valentine's Day || Becoming Sabra Gilbert

In the morning, I woke up earlier than Simeon and had some one on one time with Kya, who is the older puppy and needs some more loving when little snicker's isn't up and jumping all over EVERYONE's faces. (seriously, that 2 month old puppy finds it funny to sit on Kya's head all the time.). Kya loves to cuddle on the couch and get her tummy rubbed and then we headed upstairs to jump on Simeon in the bed and she gave him some kisses and cuddled in bed with us. And then we got attacked by Snickers as well.

But all too soon, it was time to leave for our 3 hour trip to Omaha! 

But Simeon and I love road trips (as proved by multiple snaps on my snapchat! Follow along with the username SabeyG). We sing. We talk about the future. We had the fun of using science to figure what the heck happened to our cream soda's once we opened them. (We had left them in the car overnight, but had stayed liquid. As soon as we opened them, they turned to slush slowly. We figure that the lose of pressure and carbonation changed the melting point of the cream soda to low enough to solidify with how cold they were from being in the car overnight. Science people! :)) And then we sang some more. Cause that's what we do.

Our first stop was Lincoln, NE, where Simeon would be touring the campus and looking at the grad school today! We checked into our hotel and dressed in some of our finest! Then we headed out to Omaha for a night with our friend's from Grace University and to have a dinner to donate to a great cause. Getting the Grace University choir to New York!

The dinner was great, and the show was even better! While I thought the rendition of Anything You Can Do would be the highlight of my night (it was fantastically done by a married couple and hilarious!), it was outdone in entertainment by a made up song called The Cat's Duet by the campus musical director and his wife as they sang a beautiful song all in meow's (complete with fluffy cat ears!!). I was giggling and smiling through the whole act and it was amazing! 

Afterwards, we spent a little time catching up with a ton of people that we don't get to see very often. Living in South Dakota and in school, it made it pretty difficult to see this group of friends that Simeon brought into our lives while attending Grace University is pretty difficult, though it's always a blessing and super fun to see them all! And it is something that make moving to Lincoln a great option (though still not the front runner, but that's a story for another day!). 

So instead of spending the day being uber romantic and secluded, we spend the day of love surrounded by so many people that we love! And I have to admit to it being one of my favorite Valentine's Day yet!!

What did you do for your day of love? :)

#WifeTalkWendesday: Dividing Up the Holidays

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When I announced this new series a few weeks ago, I had many ask for me to talk about how Simeon and I divide up the holidays. 

Holidays are always a hard discussion to have. We've spent our entire lives (until our significant other walks into our lives) with only having to worry about seeing our own family on the holidays, which as a child of a divorced family was enough to handle. But event hat was court decided so I didn't have to worry about hurting anyone's feelings when I didn't spend a holiday with them, it was figured out beforehand and out of my control. Even when I start college, my holidays were pretty decided by my days off of school. If my siblings had to leave for my dad's the day of one of my exams, I obviously couldn't go. I would spend it with my mom and if She was with my stepdad's family, I would spend it wtih Simeon's family. Pretty easy.

#WifeTalkWednesday: Dividing Up the Holidays || Becoming Sabra GIlbert

But then came the year the Simeon and I were engaged and we started trying to coordinate holiday family visits. With only two family's to please, I think we could have come up wtih a fun and easy schedule. But with my family already being two parts, we had to find a way to divide two major holidays into threes. As if that wouldn't have been difficult enough, my family is pretty spread out! My parents also like to visit my grandparents for major holidays: one set of grandparents lives in Colorado while another lives in Illinois, and Simeon's family usually stays in South Dakota. 

What we've usually decided to do is to divide up one holiday while spending the other traveling.

Two years ago, we traveled to Illinois for Thanksgiving with my Dad  and then spent Christmas divided up with Mom one day and the Gilbert's the other. This past year, we were actually able to stay in South Dakota for the majority of the holidays. My grandparents came out for Thanksgiving, and then we divided Christmas up with my mom and Simeon's parents again.

This next year is the year I think if going to be the hardest! We will have moved to . . .somewhere and won't have a giant traveling budget after a year of traveling to different towns to tour schools and find apartments and then actually making the move. We will have only been settled in a few months when Thanksgiving hits and then Christmas is right after that.

How do you split up the holidays?

PS - Want to share your idea for #WifeTalkWednesday, but not your identity? Just put your request in the form below!

2016 Word of the Year: Geronimo

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Well, that was a much longer break than I was expecting to take! If you have been following me on Instagram, or Snapchat (SabeyG), you saw that I spent an extended time with family & then my husband surprised me with a day long date when I got home! So my first day home & working is today, Tuesday, and it's already January 5th. Wow. Not what I was planning about a week ago. 

So instead of spreading out a few posts about my goals, word/song, and plans for 2016, I'm gonna shove it all into one giant super post. I hope you can make it through with me! :) If not, I guess that is ok too :P

So first off, for the last two years, I've picked a theme song and a word from that theme song to encompass my plans for the year. (2015 || 2014) It really took a few weeks to figure out which song was going to by my main 2016 song, I was really torn between Fight Song and Geronimo. But after really realizing what this year was going to be like, I couldn't see any other song being more fitting for my 2016 than Geronimo.

Geronimo is a way to express excitement while doing something adventurous.

2016 is honestly terrifying me at the moment, so I'm really hoping that by using such an adventurous and positive word, that I'll start to relax and realize what a great oppertunity all of this really is! I want to approach this crazy year with as much hope and positive feelings as I can muster!

I'm jumping out of my comfort zone and into a place that I have no idea where I am or what to expect (just like the Geronimo crew that my brother wants to join! But that's another blog post!).

And of course the song that goes with it is Geronimo by Sheppard. Which is a fantastic song and will be at the top of my 2016 playlist! (2015 || 2014) Every year I start a new playlist that I add every song that I fall in love with or that is a blast from the past randomly that I need. So its a mix of the new and the old, but in one way or another explains how I've felt throughout the year!

Now onto my new goals!


1| Change up my Branding - I had originally thought that I wanted to take this blog into more of a business type direction, and then I burned out in like 5 seconds! And honestly, I think I need to go the exact opposite direction! I want to get down and dirty with you guys and be insanely real with you. 

2| Double my Following - Of course, to really know if I am growing, I have to know my numbers. It isn't something I like to zone in on, but it's how I have to check myself. 600 is my goal number. :)

3| Create a Newsletter - This is something that I'm really hoping to turn into a passion project. I want to send weekly encouragement DIRECTLY to you! So be on the lookout for encouragement directly in your inbox in the next few weeks.

Are you as excited as I am about it? Enter your email here!


1| Work out 4x a Week - My health is something that I really want to bring more into my focus in the next year. I want to drop the college weight and stay healthy!

2| Recommit my time & self to Christ - I think it is easy when chasing your dreams to let something that you thought was super secure fall to the wayside. 

3| Be Ready to Pick & Explore a New Home - I think the craziest thing about this year is that we don't know where we are moving right now, but we know we are moving. The super planner in me if freaking out about it just a little bit, but I'm hoping that I'll get excited and ready to adventure the unknown!


1| Book 30 Blog Designs - I'm two down already! And it is going so well! I'm currently changing up my prices and packages to give affordable and more advanced options. If you are looking for a design in the new year, don't hesitate to email me

2| Transition my photography business from South Dakota to . . . - One thing that I'm insanely nervous about is that my photography part of MPD will falter because of the move. I've haven't fully established myself here, and then I have to pick up and move it all out to some random place that is unknown right now.

3| Buy a new lens & some indoor photography equipment - One thing that Simeon and I really want in a new place is a second bedroom that can be my office & studio space! I'm really excited about it!


1| Weekly Couples Devotion - I am on the search for the perfect couples devotional! We have one from our wedding still and I'm really looking forward to starting it with Simeon!

2| Increase our Savings - With student loans and a giant move around the corner, we have been tightening our budget to save up for moving costs and to make sure we can pay for my student loans.

3| Prepare our Hearts for the Move - One thing that I'm worried about is that the move and Simeon starting grad school is going to interfer with our time together. That we are going to get too stressed out and too little time to get to spend together. I want to make sure that we are prepared to remain focused on each other and to work to keep each other our priorities.