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Written in December... But finished now. Oops!!


When I started blogging about my PCOS, I thought I was going to have a while to really be able to talk about it and the changes I was making and how it was affecting me.

But. . . Surprise, Surprise! PCOS didn't hold me down for long once I figured it out!!

Little G will be joining us in July 2018!

That's honestly while I've been MIA forever. I've had barely enough energy to work my full time job. Simeon has handled everything else and there is no way I could ask him to try to write a blog post for me on top of everything else. That poor man hates to write. 

I've finally started to get a little more energy now that we are starting into the second trimester! I can at least do things during the day without feeling like I'm going to die, though I still crash out by 10 any day that I work. 

How did we find out?

So in October, I was determined to try to figure out if I at least ovulated or not. Luckily my step-sister, who has also struggled with infertility, had gifted me her boxed kit of ovulation and pregnancy test strips after she found out she was expecting my little niece who is about to make an appearance! So I discovered that I did ovulate after only a few weeks of changing my diet around and using oils to support my hormones. But I didn't expect anything to come from knowing that I ovulated because it just felt too early in our journey to get that kind of a miracle.

But along came the time for my period to start, and I decided to take a pregnancy test anyway. Which was negative as I expected it to be.

And for the rest of the week, I was once again period-less but with a new crazy pain in my hips. LIke someone was shoving a knife through my pelvic bones constantly. It didn't matter if I sat down, laid down, stood up, I was in constant pain. I started googling like crazy what this could be. EVERYTHING I pulled up kept saying that I was pregnant and my pelvis was just expanding. Which I thought was crazy right after getting a negative test. So I ignored it for a few more days and kept googling "pelvic pain, NOT PREGNANT"

After nothing would even come up then, I decided to just take another test just to get it off my brain.

And it was postitive. 

It was about 7 am and Simeon was still dead asleep, but I ran into the bedroom and crawled back onto the bed, snuggled right next to Simeon's ear and whispered "We're pregnant."

To which he promptly replied "No we aren't. Go back to sleep."

He honestly didn't beleive me all day long! We ran to Target and got a Clearblue test (one that would say PREGNANT or NOT PREGNANT) so that there would be no confusion. I took it as soon as I got home (which Simeon was against) and after a minute I ran into the living room waiving a test with the giant word PREGNANT. And had to copy that annoying clearblue commertial where everyone says pregnant in a high pitched squeal (maybe it's only annoying if you've been TTC forever, but it drives Simeon and I nuts).

And finally Simeon beleived me.

Getting Back to Healthy

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Getting Back to Healthy || by You & Me Chasing Little G || A post about the ways I'm trying to get back to a healthier me using essential oils, meditation, and fitness.

5|| Getting More Active

This has been the hardest one for me! After a day of being mentally exhausted at work, I don’t really like to then get physically exhausted. I like to cuddle up on the couch with my dogs, ca,t and husband and turn on some random show we are watching. BUT I know that isn’t healthy for me all the time.

So while we definitely do that a lot, we’ve also gotten a little better at getting up and moving. Like going to the dog park and taking a few laps around the park while the dogs walk beside us or play with another dog a few feet away. Or going to Holmes Lake and taking a mile walk around the lake with two dogs.

I also bought a bike. That I’m trying to get myself to ride to and from work. But sometimes I forget to leave myself time to actually ride a bike to work and I don’t do it. On the days, I know that I won’t ride a bike, I also try to fit a quick workout in. But that is even less successful at the moment. But baby steps, I’ll get where I want to be someday as long as I give myself grace.

4|| Sticking to an Early Bedtime

Maybe it's because I've been also getting up earlier as well, but I can easily go to bed really early anymore. Like 10:30 pm is way too late. I am basically falling asleep on the couch if we aren't already getting the dogs settled in their crates and heading to bed by 10:30.

This new habit came the easiest for me, which seemed really weird since I’ve always seen myself as a night owl. But once I started kicking pop out of my diet, suddenly it was a million times easier to fall asleep early and wake up early to start getting things done. And it’s been pretty easy to stick to the routine once I got started because my body naturally starts telling me that it is bedtime.

Sometimes, even if I am really tired, I’ll still fight it to fit a few more episodes of Game of Thrones in right now, but I try to avoid those cheat nights as often as possible since my body still won’t let me sleep in once morning comes.

3|| Less Processed Foods

I’ve been trying to come home more to eat my lunch instead of picking up Casey’s Pizza or going out to KFC or McDonald’s for lunch. Actually, at the moment, I have both of those completely cut out of my schedule and constantly come home for lunch.

We’ve been trying to make many of our meals from scratch as well instead of using pre-boxed recipes or eating something we can just throw in the oven. It’s a struggle since I get home so late to always get something going, but Simeon and I are working together to try to make it easier for both of us by both cooking. Though some season’s it feels like I am barely getting to cook and some it feels like he is barely helping. Schedules are weird when Simeon is in school and I’m working a full-time job that I often don’t get home until 7 from.

We haven’t gone entirely crazy and eliminated all foods that are technically bad for us, but we are slowly trying to make better choices and making yummy smoothies for breakfast.

2|| More Self-Care

Homemade Body Scrub with You & Me Chasing LIttle G

Ok, so this one I’m technically still working on. I’m trying to make more time to care just for myself than trying to get everything done. I’m taking time to take long baths and relax. Getting myself to read again, which I love but haven’t done in a really long time. Trying out meditation to ground myself for the day. And rolling on all the stress away when work seems to be too much instead of just powering through.

I’m also trying to get myself to the doctors. I have my first appointment for this Friday to do a general health exam and get some fertility referrals. So we will see how that goes. We really hope to start getting some answers and figuring things out so we can know what our options are from here on out.

1|| Essential Oil Routines

Young Living Essential Oils with Sabra

One of the big things that I've been working on this summer is striping my house of synthetic chemicals! I’ve changed out our laundry with homemade detergent and wool balls for fabric softener. I no longer use store-bought shampoo, conditioner, lotion, body scrub or face soap!

Along with those things, I’ve ditched caffeine with the help of daily morning lemon/digize water and an en-r-gee roller ball that I just roll behind my ears anytime I need a pickup. It’s been working wonders for me! And I sleep well through the night with a sleep time roller over my feet before bed and lavender in the diffuser.

What are your favorite things to do to relax and care for yourself?

What 2017 Has Brought Us Thus Far

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I figure that it's been a really long time since I did a life update, and so much has already happened this year that I should probably just summarize it all in post. And probably go into detail on a few of the things later. It's been a big year of changing from a college student to an adult with real responsibilities. I just celebrated my 25th birthday this last week and today simeon looked at me and informed me that he didn't think I was a young adult anymore. Just an adult. Which just seems so crazy to me.  

Sometimes I still feel like a child who needs my parents to do things for me. And then I realize I'm an adult and need to do them myself. And I know it's been a slow transition over the years to get to this point but it feels like it almost happened overnight to me. Just one day I woke up and realized that I had a lot of responsibilities. But, let's start with the beginning of this year. :) 

You & Me Chasing Baby G || Year in Review


Nothing that I really remember happened in January. I believe I had some foster kittens probably. And I remember being really into setting goals to make this year amazing. Had my powersheets all ready and prepped for the year. That's all I really remember. wait!! I forgot something important! My sister proposed to her boyfriend and they got engaged! I went dress shopping with my sister right away because SURPRISE! The wedding date was set for April. That's four months people. Four. And on the 13th, we also celebrated Fox's 1st Birthday! More photos to come, but there may have been a cakesmash involved. There WILL be a blog post on this later.

Fox Bentley's First Birthday


This was the month that I made a few trips home. We picked bridesmaids dresses and I took engagement photos for my sister. We had a lot of fun. February gets blurred out by March a lot. But I enjoyed February. I also got two bottle feeding foster puppies at the end of February. Just three days old.


This month basically sucked. Simeon and I took multiple trips back and forth to South Dakota as my step-dad's health took a turn. We packed up our puppies and brought them back and forth with us. Then the week from hell happened. We had just gotten back to lincoln for a few days thinking that my stepdad was slowly getting better. We were wrong. We came home and lost both puppies to a virus we never even knew the whole litter had until their poor hearts started giving out, and then we got the call that Dennis was on his final breathes. Within a week, I'd lost my babies and a father. I did get to spend a whole week with my mom though. Just me and her. I did enjoy that. 


 this month flew by!! It was very soon time for Stormies wedding!! With lots of tears, happy and sad, we all enjoyed the day! My uncle and cousins came out from Hawaii! Jordan smashed cake in Stormie's face and I may or may not have spent half the day a little tipsy. :) my brother also turned 18 this month and officially swore into the Army. oh, and we started paperwork to buy our house!!


 simeon and I celebrated 3 years of marriage and 7 years together!! My little brother graduated and left for basic training. He tried not to make anything special out of it, but we are all missing him like crazy! But once again, that's a post for another day. I started my dog hunt for the perfect pup for our family. :) 

STellen 2017 66.jpg


 we closed on our house on the 2nd!!  And then it was a lot of quickly unpacking because we brought home our second puppy on the 9th!!! :) Fox and Ashe were a little iffy at first. Loved to play, didn't want to share mama and daddy. I also started my Young Living essential oils journey! But they've started to mellow out a ton! Which was great because . . . 


 Simeon was in South Korea this ENTIRE month! I had four foster kittens, two dogs, a cat and a chinchilla AND A BRAND NEW HOUSE. All to manage completely by myself. It was an adventure. I got frustrated. I was tired. But we lovingly got through it all.  . I also started my Young Living essential oils journey!


 This month has flown! We went to Irishfest and then it was my birthday! And now things are finally gonna settle down again. I've barely worked this month but that's all about to change. :)  

December Priorities

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There was a time on this blog when I made monthly and weekly goals and I was decently good at them, but since getting married and bringing home my little zoo of animals, I've realized that sometimes my time isn't 100% mine. So priorities really seems to sound like a better way to put the things that I would like done in a month, but know that my animals, work, or husband will come first if need be. 

Wow, that sounded strangely adult-ish. 

But anyway! Priorities!!

1|| Actually set some goals for 2017

While I'm avoiding goals this month, I still strongly beleive in yearly goals. Not that I really accomplished the goals that I set last year, but that was because life changed in more ways than I ever thought would happen! But we'll see what I would like to happen and what actually does this next year!

2|| Keep my Christmas tree actually decorated.

Odette and Fox love to play together. The biggest issue is that they love to play in my Christmas tree and have already knocked it down twice! So we will see if this actually happens!

3|| Paint my Nails

I've been trying to paint my nails for 4 weeks. I just want pretty nails!

4|| Master Fudge

I made some this past weekend but it was more like hot fudge than nice yummy melt in your mouth hard fudge like my mom makes. It never set. So I will try again!

5|| Take more photos.

There hit a point this year where I thought I was spending too much time behind the camera and wasn't having any fun in front of the camera or just hanging with people. So then I went to the extreme opposite and haven't really touched my camera much in months.

My Happy List

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I saw this post on a blog that I read and thought that it was am amazing idea. And with all the crazy negativity lately, jumping into a giant list of all the things that make me happy sounds like a wonderful way to really jump back into blogging! 

So here it is! My happy list!

Fox Bentley


Simeon <3

Chino the Chinchilla

Odette Swan

Christmas Trees!

My Family

Pretty Photos

Watching puppies go home to their owners

Bubble baths

Day Designer

Chinchilla instagram accounts

Puppy Instagram accounts

Puppy cuddles

When Chino sits in my lap

Watching Simeon play with our neice and nephew

A good book

Watching our little family grow into a zoo

Day Designer

An organized office

Watching Fox and Odette play together

Watching Fox and Chino start to get to know each other