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Written in December... But finished now. Oops!!


When I started blogging about my PCOS, I thought I was going to have a while to really be able to talk about it and the changes I was making and how it was affecting me.

But. . . Surprise, Surprise! PCOS didn't hold me down for long once I figured it out!!

Little G will be joining us in July 2018!

That's honestly while I've been MIA forever. I've had barely enough energy to work my full time job. Simeon has handled everything else and there is no way I could ask him to try to write a blog post for me on top of everything else. That poor man hates to write. 

I've finally started to get a little more energy now that we are starting into the second trimester! I can at least do things during the day without feeling like I'm going to die, though I still crash out by 10 any day that I work. 

How did we find out?

So in October, I was determined to try to figure out if I at least ovulated or not. Luckily my step-sister, who has also struggled with infertility, had gifted me her boxed kit of ovulation and pregnancy test strips after she found out she was expecting my little niece who is about to make an appearance! So I discovered that I did ovulate after only a few weeks of changing my diet around and using oils to support my hormones. But I didn't expect anything to come from knowing that I ovulated because it just felt too early in our journey to get that kind of a miracle.

But along came the time for my period to start, and I decided to take a pregnancy test anyway. Which was negative as I expected it to be.

And for the rest of the week, I was once again period-less but with a new crazy pain in my hips. LIke someone was shoving a knife through my pelvic bones constantly. It didn't matter if I sat down, laid down, stood up, I was in constant pain. I started googling like crazy what this could be. EVERYTHING I pulled up kept saying that I was pregnant and my pelvis was just expanding. Which I thought was crazy right after getting a negative test. So I ignored it for a few more days and kept googling "pelvic pain, NOT PREGNANT"

After nothing would even come up then, I decided to just take another test just to get it off my brain.

And it was postitive. 

It was about 7 am and Simeon was still dead asleep, but I ran into the bedroom and crawled back onto the bed, snuggled right next to Simeon's ear and whispered "We're pregnant."

To which he promptly replied "No we aren't. Go back to sleep."

He honestly didn't beleive me all day long! We ran to Target and got a Clearblue test (one that would say PREGNANT or NOT PREGNANT) so that there would be no confusion. I took it as soon as I got home (which Simeon was against) and after a minute I ran into the living room waiving a test with the giant word PREGNANT. And had to copy that annoying clearblue commertial where everyone says pregnant in a high pitched squeal (maybe it's only annoying if you've been TTC forever, but it drives Simeon and I nuts).

And finally Simeon beleived me.

Fighting PCOS || Weigh In Wednesday || 1

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So it's just been a little over a month since I had my first soft diagnosis of PCOS at my doctor's office. I still don't have a for sure answer since my blood test came back inconclusive and I don't have my first OB/GYN appointment until November 13th. But with working with PCOS as the answer, I've made some pretty big life changes that have already started giving me results!!

Fighting PCOS || Weigh In Wednesday || 1 || You & Me Chasing Little G

Hormonal Support

So as I've already said before, I started essential oils to start eliminating hormone imbalancing synthetic chemicals from my home a few months ago. But as I did some more research, I realized that I could do even more with them! Young Living has a whole set of oils that are just for supporting your hormones. So I got them! I started putting Progenessence Plus on my neck every morning and night. Dragon time is supporting me as I plan to start my period right now (and feels a million times better than midol when rubbed on my back for cramps!). I also have the oil endoflex that I haven't used yet, but plan to impliment into my daily schedule as well. 

Changing My Diet

While oils are certainly helping, my biggest and most impactful change this month has been in cutting dairy, gluten, and about 80% of the sugar out of my diet. I also have IBS and these changes made me feel amazing. I had been drinking or rubbing the oil Digize on for my stomach issues multiple times a day and it certainly seemed to help, but just with eliminating these foods, I barely even need Digize to feel like a normal human being. Though when I do splurg on a pizza or too much sugar, digize is there to make me feel better! 

I'm not going to say that these giant diet changes are easy. Honestly, I'm an incredibly picky eater so even finding meals that I will enjoy without these things is rough. Finding a recipes that sounds amazing and is 100% gluten AND dairy free AND low on sugar? Sometimes seems impossible. But we've been able to manage. There are some smaller things I could also include in my diet that I just haven't started yet, but right now this is becoming comfortable.

So what have all these changes done?

For one, I feel a million times better. My stomach is pissed off at me constantly anymore.

Two, my acne is clearing up. I can always tell when my homormones aren't doing too hot because suddently my face breaks out like no other and it takes forever to get it to calm down.

November 1st, 2017 Weigh In

Three, I've lost 12 pounds since my first doctors appointment! Which is amazing! I honestly couldn't see a way of loosing more weight that didn't involve me finding a ton of time to spend hard core working out. Which right now just doesn't fit in my schedule (hello, full time job, side hustle, and large zoo of animals in my house!) But honestly just a diet change did so much!

Starting Weight: 225.9

November 1st: 213.8

What are my PCOS goals for November?


This is something I often let fall to the wayside. Just because I don't like to spend time on myself when I could be spending my time doing other things. Like Netflix binging. Or taking care of my mammals. But I want to impliment a weekly bath and facial night. I think that will go a long ways in eliminating stress and helping my horomones. And obviously from the photo above, I need some pedicure time. That paint is from when my friend came out and we got pedicures back in July!

Work Out Plan

Now as I said above, I don't have time to become an America Ninja Warrior in a few months. But starting with some low intensity home work outs 15 minutes a day and yoga before bed sounds do-able. I just have to get myself to do it! But I believe that it will help me on this journey. One of the main fighters of PCOS is loosing the weight that PCOS made you gain! 

So, are there any other PCOS Warrior's here reading with me? If so, I'd love to learn how you are changing your life in light of PCOS!

Getting Diagnosed with PCOS

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Well, there we have it. A beginning diagnosis to the years of pain and confusion that I've had so far on this journey. Someone was finally willing to see my history and give a diagnosis instead of a simple, "You're young, your body will figure itself out." Can you believe that I've actually had two doctors say that to me before? They weren't going to help me because Simeon and I had decided we wanted children young. I was 23 and we had already been trying for a year when I heard those words. They did simple blood tests but said everything looked normal, here take these pills to jumpstart your period this month and your body will do the rest.

Getting Diagnosed with PCOS || You & Me Chasing LIttle G

They were so wrong. Here I am two years later with all the same symptoms that I've always had and my new doctor looked at me and said: "We're gonna do a blood test to confirm, but just from that list, I'm positive you have polycystic ovarian syndrome."

And finally, I had an answer.

I didn't just have, "your body will figure it out" anymore.

I got, your body won't figure it out on your own, but you can do something about it. I don't have to watch all my dreams of carrying my own child go out the window. People with PCOS with weight loss and the right diet and exercise can naturally have a baby. My doctor even told me to take it one step further and go to an OBGYN who can also help with medication to get my body on the right track cause even he agreed that I'd waited long enough.

Now, since he is sending me on to another doctor, he didn't go into super detail on the differences that I should make. He mostly admitted that this isn't his expertise and he would prefer my OBGYN to go into detail. So he left me hanging.

And I started researching on my own.

PCOS can sound insanely scary. It not only leads to infertility but can increase my chances of heart attack and diabetes! It turns almost everything I eat directly into stored fat instead of energy. And to prevent this, many sites say to stop eating all of my favorite things.

Like no dairy, I really like dairy. I drink at least a glass of milk a day and adore cheese. And cottage cheese.

And no gluten, I have never understood how gluten could be bad for people. And now here I am, one of those people who can't have gluten.

Or sugar, do you know how hard it is to avoid sugar these days?

And I'm a picky eater. Which makes me terrified about what I'll eat now and how this will go. It's going to be a lot of trial and error and probably not doing everything perfectly. I'll probably still have some dairy here and there. And probably some gluten. And I can almost guarantee sugar. I can live without many processed foods, but bacon? that will be staying in my diet for sure. 

But its a start. I finally have some answers to start working on to correct. I can see a future again on this path where I had honestly started to give up hope. Even Simeon had noticed. I had started researching adoption and embryo adoption more and more.  But now I have hope again that we can have our own genetic little gilbert. Not that we will never adopt down the line, but it has always been my dream to carry our child. And I've wanted it so bad.

So, I'd love to hear any recipes you know of that are gluten, dairy, and sugar-free! I've also heard the Paleo or Keto diets work as well!

Have you ever had to majorly change your diet?