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Road to Homeownership || Part 1

House BuyingSabra GilbertComment

Simeon and I are looking into buying a house! 

And I'm ridiculously excited about it. Like I already am picking out paint ideas and planning my dream kitchen. I am sooo excited to actually have an area that I'll own. That I'll be able to make choices on and actually change. I can paint! I can tear out the countertops if that is something that I really want to do. We can tear down the walls and build new ones if that is what I want to do. 

Well, that Simeon AND I want to do. It isn't just me who gets to make those decisions. But I get to actually have an opinion that I can follow through with. 

And I'm so freaking excited about that!

Simeon and I go in to get pre-approved on Thursday!

But in all honesty, we've already done our shopping. And I also believe that we've actually already found the house of our dreams. But that is all I'm going to say about that until things get on a little bit more solid ground. 

I can talk about the journey that's lead to this decision. You know, the decision to buy a home as a young twenty something couple that is about $60,000 in student loan debt while having one of us in grad school (thankfully no accruing any more debt) and the other as a full time office assistant at a humane society (aka not making the big bucks but doing something that I love).

Finance Reasons

Honestly, it actually does make sense! I'm the only one paying back my student loans right now on a plan that will gradually increase the amount that I pay every month slowly over the years I'll be paying back my student loans. So currently, my student loans aren't overwhelming me. And Simeon's won't start to become a thing for another 6 years which is awesome.

Right now we are paying around $700 for a two bedroom apartment and having a dog in said apartment. We could afford up to a  $1000 mortgage for a 3 bedroom house with a fenced backyard and semi-finished basement and actually own the place. 

Animal Reasons

A giant reason to be looking into getting a house is that Fox needs an actual yard. Simeon and I are sick and tired of putting on layers of clothes to leash Fox up and put on his halti every single time that he may or may not have to potty. (Honestly, he more than likely doesn't have to pottty but is whining at the door cause he is bored. 

Another fun reason is that I really, really want another dog. And having plenty of space for us to start growing our family in a human child way AND in an animal child way would be completely amazing. And not having to worry about what the animals do to our house would be great to. That way I know how to fix the random things that Fox or Odette or any other critter we bring home does to our house. 

I also really want to create a little foster area in our basement so that I can bring home more than just kittens. I would love to also house dogs who need medical or socialization reasons for foster or also bring home mam dogs who want to care for their littler in peace. Simeon and I were already discussing redoing portions of the basement to create an easy to clean housing area for fosters. Preferably big enough to house a mama dog and her puppies. Though, I wouldn't want a pregnant mam having to go up and down the stairs to the basement constantly. so we will have to see how the planning goes. 

Comfort Reasons

The house that we are looking at is in a million times better neighborhood than our current apartment. Then there is also the whole fact that we also live in an apartment with small walls factor which is annoying since a family with a dog moved in above us last month and whenever that dog barks, Fox starts to bark. Oh and it's a corner apartment on the bottom floor so Fox sees each and every dog that is outside our windows and goes crazy.

Though I was pretty sure that Odette was going to get eaten by a dog yesterday since I had the windows open and a dog saw her on the other side of the window screen and lunged at her.  There are also two yorkie mixes across the hall that I'm pretty sure want to eat Fox. They are tiny little things but constantly attack the door if Fox is even in the hall. And don't get me started on the dog aggressive Boston's that also live down the hall.

Better question, who moves into an apartment building full of dogs with dog aggressive dogs?!?

Anyway, I would feel a million times better if we were into our own space instead of continuing our apartment life. Not only for safety reason, but getting more space as well! Our two bedroom apartment is fine but it isn't laid out in a way that makes it easy to really want to use the bedroom spaces. I feel completely shut off from anything else. In the home that we are looking at, nothing is a hallway away from each other and the main rooms (and the room i want to make my office) are pretty interconnected!

BUT I did say that I wanted to avoid going into too much detail about the actual home. So I'm going to end this post before I start going into any actual detail since I really really really want to!