You and Me & Chasing Little G

About Me

Sabra GilbertComment

I'm the writer behind the blog. He's the one who pretends to read the blog. 

I've loved writing, reading, and photography for as long as I could remember and I've adored finding a place where I could combine all three. Some of my other passions include horses, rabbits, dogs, and basically anything else that could even remotely be considered a pet. So you will probably see a lot of animals around these parts as well. I"m getting a degree in Biology from South Dakota State University and dream of owning my own ranch someday. For now, I do homework, work on designing blogs and figuring out this whole wife thing.

Becoming A Gilbert is where I share all of these things with you. A little Photography. A little organization. A little wedding planning and now all the joys of learning to be a wife. 

So grab a mug, sip your hot cocoa, and see what happens!