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101 in 1001

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UPDATED: July 20th, 2014

The point of this page is to have a goal list of 101 items that all have to be finished in 1001 days, which is 2 years and 271 days so they can be long term and multiples!

Start Date: January 1st, 2013

End Date:  September 27th, 2015

To get 50 followers (50/50)
Reach 500 Blog views.(500/500)
Month Long Photo Blog Challenge (0/30)
Reach 200 Posts!(192/200)
Participate in a  giveaway
Have a facebook page 
Post everyday for a month (0/31)
Get 100 followers (83/100)
Start a second blog 
Comment on 40 different blogs. (40/40)
Have a legit homemade blog planner.
Reach 400 posts.(192/400)
Create a College Management Binder.
Get 2 semesters (in a row) of straight A’s (0/2)
Decide if I want to go to Graduate School, or become a zoo keeper.
Complete 3 internships! (2/3)
Decide if I want to be a veterinarian or zoo keeper.
Become an officer of a club.
Be a bible study leader.
Be a part of 2 research projects on campus (0/2)
Complete my first real job application.
Get my first real job.
Graduate with a 3.6 GPA
Get an apartment with roomies!
Decorate my new room with white Christmas lights.
Make a blanket fort with roomies!
Learn to make 30 new meals! (25/30)
Learn to make 5 desserts (3/5)
Buy my first car!
Start a savings account.
Pay off my credit card.
Get a new wallet.
Set an actual budget and stick to it!
Try envelope budgeting.
Get a legit interview outfit.
Save a specified amount.
Decorate my apartment for Christmas!
Get an updated resume.
Get a personal tattoo
Work out every day for a month. (0/30)
Try three new workouts. (3/3)
Do the Harry Potter workout.
Get running shoes.
Teach Simeon basketball.
Learn how to play soccer.
Take a dance lesson.
Be able to touch my toes!
Do the color run in Omaha.
Do an intermural sport.
Take pictures of McCrory gardens in spring!
Learning to ride a horse.
Shadow for 60 hours at a vet clinic. (60/60)
Watch 20 animal surgeries. (5/20)
Complete High School scrapbook.
Finish senior year photo album.
Complete college scrapbook.
Complete 5 DIY crafts from Pintrest. (1/5)
Make melted crayon art.
Shoot a gun.
Memorize 50 verses. (16/50)
Learn 4 new hairstyles on myself. (2/4)
Learn to juggle.
Save 5$ for every goal achieved.
Learn to drive a stick shift!
Do Devotions every day for a month. (3/30)
Learn to ride a unicycle.
A day long Harry Potter marathon.
Go see Wicked.
Road trip with Simeon!
Dress up. (85/100)
Go to an aquarium.
Make my own pajama pants.
Make a tie blanket for myself.
Read 50 new books.  (25/50)
Read the entire bible.
Play messy Twister.
Get cute photo booth pictures with Simeon.
Finish a whole coloring book!
Write in a Diary every day for a year (at least) (0/365)
Get 5 Disney movies on DVD. (5/5)
See Iron Man 3.
Plant a pineapple top.
See Captain America 2.
Go out for a drink with my mom.
See Catching Fire.
Have a fancy date with Simeon.
Visiting my grandparents in Colorado.
Spend 5 weekends camping. (3/5)
Take K on our frate (friend date)
Have a silly string fight.
Get engaged.
Take engagement pictures.
Plan an amazing wedding.
Get married.
Complete a wedding album.
Get an apartment with my husband.
Go furniture shopping!
Get breakfast served to me in bed.
Make a Home Management Binder
Pick apartment decorations from Hobby Lobby
Make a 2015 101 in 1001 list.