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The Weekender Project| 6

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Last Weeks Weekender Goals




Research a new project

3| Clean off Desk


Do a stock photo photoshoot


Finish editing the Lindy & Saryn shoot

So close guys! SOOOO CLOSE!!!  

The Weekender Project 2015

So this weekend is going to be a lot less exciting. I am hoping to take a day trip to hang out with my mom on Saturday so I don't really have any plans.

But I always have today and Sunday to get things done!

1| Study for Biochem. - My first big exam is this Wednesday and I'm pretty nervous about it. It is a new professor and the first exam of only three for this semester. So it's kinda important.

2| Finish decorating MPD's new site - I took some pictures the other day ( one is used in the graphic above!) and I want to use them to add some fun to my site. So I just have to finish editing them and get them up! :) 

So what are your plans for the weekend? Have any projects of your own for the weekend?

Tell me in the comments below!!

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