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Close to Home & Praying

Sabra GilbertComment
School shootings were something that I never thought I would have to deal with. I live in South Dakota. What really ever goes wrong in South Dakota? While people are (rightfully) realing about a different school shootings with a much higher fatality rate, I'm stuck on the one that happened within twenty minutes of my hometown this week.

A troubles sixteen year old boy walked into a high school, into the administration office, and shot the principle in the arm. This was a school where a few of my good high school friends attended. Where I went to a beautiful winter formal and cheered at a handful of sporting events.

But while so much of this saddens me. There is so much of this situation that amaze me. There was only one injury, described as a flesh wound, when it could have been so much worse. There were brave fellow administrators who, instead of running from the boy with the gun, ran straight at him and tackled him to the ground to protect others. And there was a wonderful principle, who instead of condemning the boy, is asking for anyone who hears this story to pray for him.

I really think that this is what we should do in this time of horrible stories and horrible news. Why can't we open our hearts and pray instead of being outraged. Instead of condemning those who are troubled, we pray that they be saved just as we have been.

I don't know your story. How you came to Christ. Or who you were before. But I can tell you that I was lucky. Lucky to have a wonderful family who cared for me. Lucky to have friends who, even though I refused to believe in their God, never stopped praying or bringing me to church anyway. Lucky that I was brought to a place that introduced me to  people who truly would give anything for me and who cared.

Those troubled people could be any one of us. They just weren't lucky enough to be brought to the wonderful situations that we have been through. To the wonderful people that we have in our lives. To have the support system, the medical stability, the mental position to handle the life that had been given to them.

Yes, I know it was that boys choice to walk into that school with his plan. Yes, I know that there is evil in this world that can overcome us if we don't have our savior to lean on.

But prayer gives everyone a chance.

 Loving one another instead of tearing each other down gives everyone a chance.

Being the change that we need on this Earth gives everyone a chance to find the love, support, and savior that they need.

Pray for a change of hearts. Pray for mental and physical well-being. & Show love for everyone that you see today.

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