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Why My Husband is Better Than Yours

Sabra GilbertComment
So I don't think that I brag about Simeon anywhere near as much as I should. And contrary to what the title suggests, I think every husband is the best in their own way, but I really want to honor and brag about Simeon today because of everything he has been through lately. So bare with me while I get all gushy and lovey.

So lets begin with everything that he has accomplished this past week.

- Took the Physics GRE (and I'm sure he aced it!)
- Reveiced an Invited Speaker slot at the WoPhys Confrence to share his research
- Got another chance to share his research at another conference in Kansas City
- Still got all his homework and work done while studying for the GRE

The things that man can accomplish amazes me. He has the general GRE this next week and has still been keeping up with everything else that he does. Want to know what he does on a general basis without giant exams hanging over his head?

- Works an average of 30 hours a week at Walmart
- Works another 6 - 10 doing research on campus
- Does all the dishes every week
- Still maintains his Gold level ranking on League of Legends
- Gets all of his homework done
- Aces every exam
- Writes & Edits research papers
- Loves me more than I ever though another person could love me

Ok, now I'll end with a great photo collage of Simeon being Simeon :D

 photo Signature_zps2e4c1f35.png