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Weekender Project| 5

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Ok, so last week's Weekender Project just didn't happen. Simeon was hardcore studying all week for his Physics GRE and I was running around trying to get everything else done around the house and just trying to support him in the process. But! I did get some of those goals done! And I'll share those and this weekends goals.

1| Prepare for 3 Photoshoots!

2| Get MPD's Facebook up and Going!

3| Really, Really finish Prices for MPD

4| Spend  some Quality time with Simeon - we need it.

So, once again I didn't finish the photography prices for MPD. My design prices are set! But photography is throwing me more for a loop. Mostly because I haven't decided exactly what kind of shoots that I want to do. I'm still pretty open in what I will do. But at least my Facebook page is up!

Make sure to head over to facebook and like it

!! You know you want to!

As I am also moving home sites for Midnight Photography & Design, I will no longer be doing posts specificaly showing off my photoshoots and blog designs. So all sneak peaks will be through MPD's




, and as always, Snapchat (SabeyG)! I will be telling you when things go up on MPD's new squarespace blog with a weekend MPD spotlight!

Ok, on to this weekend!!


2| Research a new project

3| Clean off Desk

4| Do a stock photo photoshoot

5| Finish editing the Lindy & Saryn shoot (the 3 shoots mentioned above kinda squashed into one!)

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