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September 2015 Goals

Sabra GilbertComment
 Goals for August

1| Post 4 times a Week 

2| Finish MPD's Website - yeah. I'm still working on this :)

3| Work Out 2 times a week - yeah. . . .

4| Host my Birthday Giveaway 

5| Prepare for my Final Semester!!  

Goals for September

1| FINISH MPD's Website  - Like seriously, i wanted this done like yesterday (dada dun) :)

2| Level up in League of Legends - With my new laptop, I get to finally play video games with my hubby. Yes, I know it sounds super nerdy, but I enjoy it :D

3| Post 5 Times a Week - Slowly working up!!

4| Finally Post all Wedding pictures on Facebook!! - We've been married for over a year and those photos haven't gotten onto my Facebook yet, but they were totally all over the blog in a month lol

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