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Let me Introduce Myself

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Hey everyone!!

I thought it had been a while since I re-introduced myself, and I know that there are a lot of newcomers around here!! And I would love to learn more about you guys!! So in the comments today, give a few facts about yourself and if you have a blog, link it for me! :)

Hmmmm, what are some things that you guys might want to know about me. . . .

Well, I started blogging in 2012, my sophomore year of college, mostly because I was incredibly bored with all my science classes needed for a Biology degree and wanted a space where I could use my love for free style writing and photography. My blog back then was titled College.Crazy.Life and honestly, I wish that I had stuck with it instead of changing when I got engaged because I quite enjoyed that name. :) But when I got engaged I thought it would be ridiculously cute to have a marriage blog and made a new blog and got it decked out by a designer and ran along on my merry way.

And I'm about to go through another name change now. Because I'm not actually in love with Becoming a Gilbert anymore. And obviously, I can't go back to College.Crazy.Life because my college career is only 91 days from being over (OMG I literally just looked that up on my countdown and didn't know that I had less than 100 days, FULL ON PANIC MOMENT). So we're going to be going off a familiar spin of my current name, Becoming Sabra Gilbert.

Yep, super excited about that. It's coming with a full on rebranding as well. :)

So other than changing my blog name a million times, and redecorating every few months, what else do I like to do?

Photography has become a strong love for me. And I'm super excited that I've actually gotten tot he point where it is getting pretty good. I mean, a band that I took pictures at there concert last month shared my post all over social media, AND their newsletter! It was pretty exciting.

But basically, blogging, photography, and blog designing have taken over my life. Completely. I might be getting a degree in Biology this December, but the path I'm going to follow for a little bit is trying to take a swing at making these things a full time gig.

After December, there are going to be a lot of transitions in the Gilbert household. We will be searching for our next hometown, hopefully complete with a grad school for Simeon and a zoo or horse ranch for me to work at. Oh and don't forget the apartment with at least two bedrooms, a dishwasher, plenty of natural light, hopefully next to a park and not too far of a commute for Simeon. And hopefully, a den for me to have an office out of the living room!! Right now our options are either in New York, Illinois, Texas, North Carolina, or Colorado. (Hence the extra bedroom, we expect to get to house a lot more visitors when we are so far away).

So for a little while after we graduate and we are waiting to hear back from grad schools, I'm going to be working my butt off to make this space completely awesome! You might start seeing more sponsors on my sidebars, some more sponsored posts, and a lot more affiliate linking. Also maybe some more Midnight Photography & Design shameless plugs. But a girl has got to bring an income in for her family and I hope you guys will support me in that. :)

Well, I guess this became more of an update on my life instead of an introduction post. :) But still, tell me some more about you! If you have any prayer requests, I would love to hear them! If you don't want to share in the comments, you can email me at BecomingAGilbert[at]

Cant wait to hear from you all!

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