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How to Make a Spiritual Journal

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Hi there Becoming a Gilbert readers!  I'm Ali and I blog over at Home Crafts by Ali where I share craft and sewing projects, recipes, photographs from trips, and a little bit of everything else too.  One thing I love to do is buy items and make new projects with them.  I hope that you enjoy this one I have to share today.

I love having journals for all different topics, but I hate the hassle of going to all different stores to look for one....and I don't like the price usually.  I started making my own journals a few years ago by altering a composition book.  This ensures that I have a journal that I like, and it also fits into my budget.

Supplies Used
Composition book Scrapbook papers - 12 x 12 inch Mod Podge sponge brush pencil paper trimmer embellishments colored pencils
Start out by measuring from the edge of the composition book to the black binding.  Measure the paper you will be using for the cover to be the size of the composition book, then add 1 inch to the length and 1/2 and inch to the width.  That will allow you to fold over your chosen paper.

After cutting the paper you will use for the cover, spread a thin layer of Mod Podge (or whatever glue you will be using) on the back of the paper and then place it on the cover of the composition book.  Smooth the paper carefully when you apply it to the cover.  You don't want any air bubbles between the paper and the cover of the composition book.  Do this for the front and the back covers.

Fold over the extra paper to the inside of the composition book and glue down neatly.  Do this for both the front and back covers.

Next you will cut a piece of cardstock paper to be just smaller than the inside cover.  Glue that to the inside of the front and back covers.
Next you will add the embellishments to the notebook.  These can be stickers, ribbon, stamped papers, or more.  Anything that catches your eye when you are at the store will be perfect.

I added a little saying with a cardboard sticker, a boarder with a fabric sticker, and then made a label with letter stickers on a piece of cardstock.

I made a colorful faith quote and glued it to the inside front cover of the journal.  You can find printable ones online if you don't want to draw it out yourself.  I added a scripture sticker on the inside cover of the journal and the pages throughout the journal.  I printed out inspirational quotes and some of my favorite scriptures, then glued them into the journal on random pages.

Now you are ready to fill your journal with you spiritual thoughts.  There are so many ways to record your thoughts.  You can focus on a topic, write what it means to you, search the scriptures for inspiration, and add your personal reflections.  You can focus on one book of scripture and record your thoughts verse by verse or chapter by chapter.  You can pick a spiritual topic that you want to work on in your life and write ways that you can strengthen yourself in that topic.  You can find some great spiritual journal prompts by doing an internet search.

Here is a picture of the finished journal.  One of my favorite things about this is that you can use any papers and embellishments that appeal to you.  Make it your own.  You can also use these steps to make a travel journal, a dream journal, a planning notebook, a regular journal, a fun craft at a girls' party, or a thoughtful birthday gift. I hope you enjoy this project and find it useful.  I would love to read what you think in the comments section below!  Thank you to Sabra for letting me stop by and share this project with you!