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How To Make A Budget You Will Actually Use

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Budgets are tedious things. No one likes them or likes to use them. But unfortunately, they are something that is always needed. They show you what you have to pay  for the month, what your income is, and where you can get away with tightening or loosening up corners. They can help you set goals or see where you repeatedly fail your goals.

As awesome as they can be, setting up one that is easy to use and that you keep wanting to use is nearly impossible.

I'm insanely excited that Simeon and I have made it through the month using our new budget. Which is really good because the amount of hours that went into getting it just right was ridiculous. But that was mostly because I wasn't organized to begin with and then some of the bits were quite tedious. So honestly, the first thing you are going to need when you go to set up your own is a couple hours to give to the task. It will be worth it because once you set up your template, you are set for months.

You're gonna want to get all the details together first so that you can get organized and make your budget look exactly like how you want it to.

Ok, so first. Supplies.

Past Bills
Laptop with Access to Google Drive

Steps to Success

1| Write out every single way your household makes money in one list.
     And make sure to have Misc. category for whenever you are lucky to be gifted with money or random things happen. you never know when it will come in handy and it encompasses all the things that you don't think of now.

2| Write out every bill that you have. 
     This includes every annual expenses like Hulu, Savings Transfers, monthly tithing, and anything that you pay for monthly. These are the ones that shouldn't really change that much.

3| Write out your other categories that are able to flex every month. This is gas, groceries, and fun money.

4| Really sort out your lists, you don't want to be having to rearranging things a lot in your actual budget.

5| Open up Google Drive & Select Google Sheets
     With using Google Drive, you can share your budget with anyone else that might be editing it as well, so that the burden doesn't have to just fall on only one person. You can also share it on your different laptops, and there is an app for your phone. It makes it super awesome to be able to do it on hand instead of waiting until later.

6| Put your Lists into their own tables on the excel sheet. 
     I would recommend not putting them under each other like I did. It would be easier to see it all across instead of heading down and across.

7| Put in your estimates in one column, the way you are paying and the date in another, and a column for your actual payment that month.
        It may seem like an extreme amount of categories, but trust me, you want to have everything at just one glance. It's wonderful

8| Budget Zero your estimates
        Make sure that all your money has a place to go. At all times.

9| Conditional Format your Actual payment
        This is one of my favorite parts of my budget. Because in a glance I can see where I can move money around. I make it go green if I am under for that month, clear if it equals what I estimated, and red if it goes over.

10| Enjoy your Budget!!
        Decorate it! Make is something that you love being able to see.

If you have any questions, I would love to help! Leave one here or email me at BecomingAGilbert[@]

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