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Blogging Buddy Reveal : Home Crafts by Ali

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I love building a community! It's why I'm a part of The Peony Project, and why I join in so many different "swaps." This past month, I joined in a Blogging Buddy swap hosted by Keeping up with Ashley and Cody and was partnered up with Ali!

This swap is all about finding someone to help you through the blogging world and to help promote each other, so you might have noticed Ali on my sidebar on the right and some social media shout outs here and there, and she also did a guest post a few weeks ago!!

It has been super fun to have someone to chit chat with for the last month. To share the ups and downs of blogging with. I would love to share some more about Ali with you guys so that you can find out how awesome she is first hand.

Ali is a mother of two and blogs about different book reviews, crafts and other things that you can make by hand. She really has some wonderful blog posts, so if you don't want to peruse her blog by yourself, let me point out some of my favorite posts of hers!!

How to Make a Fall Wreath - I can't wait to try this craft out! I've been wanting to decorate our door forever! I just haven't done it yet. This gives me the kick in the butt inspiration that I need!

Oven Roasted Baby Potatoes with Sea Salt -  Yum!!

Fun Friday: Canon Rebel T5 vs. iPhone 5C - I love this post!

I hope you enjoy these posts as much as I have!!

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