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Weekender Project |2

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Guys!! I did really well this time!! A two and a half out of three were accomplished!! I tidied up our living room and bedroom enough that it looks a million times cleaner than it has all summer long!! It isn't perfect but it is very livable! So it makes me feel a lot less stressed and better about the beginning of the semester.

We will also be starting September with a shiny, brand-new, color-coded budget that is set until the end of the year and we will see how it works. I'm really hoping that it works for us because these next few months are going to be tight unless my plans go the way I'm hoping that they will.But we will have to see what God has in His hands for Simeon and I, if we will have to learn to tighten the belt, or if He will bless us with the means to not worry too much about money.

Another thing I did was start using Google Calendar for everything. My editorial calendar for this blog and my posts on A Pinch of Faith and His Endless Love. Along with Webinars that I plan to watch, my class and my work schedule. I'm also trying to come up with a plan for Instagram so that I can use it more and more as a tool, but also have fun with it.

Here is a little sneak peek of my Weekender Wins! I will be sharing more about my budget and calendar style once I make sure it works, so far this past week has been wonderful with the new calendar and I'm really thinking this budget is going to work wonders!!

Now for this weekend's goals!!

1| Start looking at new fonts & colors for Becoming A Gilbert - So I've been thinking about redecorating around here for a while now anyway. And then I got a new laptop, went to make the above graphic and noticed that the font that I had formerly been using  was no longer a free font to get and that the price is just a little out of my price range at the moment. As you may see, my blog gets budgeted in every month but it doesn't get a very big allowance. It's enough to cover a few ad spaces here and there, but I have to be pretty crafty with it. It also covers any giveaways that I enter. If I weren't already having to tighten up on our budget, I would probably just buy it. But with a tight budget and a wish to change everything up anyway, I might as well save my money for something that I love instead.

2| Fill out September's Editorial Calendar

3| Finish editing some photos for the blog

4| Finalize prices for MPD

What are you looking forward to using the Weekend for?

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