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Weekender Project |1

Sabra GilbertComment
Ok, I'm going to try to make this stick this time! I know that I've failed the last few times but that was because life was overwhelming and sometimes, I really just didn't have the time to dedicate to an editorial calender or constant theme.

This semester is sooo different! I've really cut back on my responsibilities so that I could start improving on my real passion! But I'll explain that more on Monday's post!

For now, I'm just going to explain my goals for this weekend!

1| Create a Budget for Simeon and I - This summer was a little rough with constant trips, classes in other towns, and Simeon signing up for the GRE. None of these things were cheap and it really took a dig into our emergency savings to be able to make it through, also a little too much reliance on the little plastic cards in our wallet, which is something that Simeon and I hate to do! So I'm going to work on a plan to save as much as possible, lower our debt, and hopefully add more structure to our weekly spending habits.

2| Overhaul my Editorial Calender System. - Right now, the system I'm using just isn't working, when there even is a system. I need something more accessible everyday and at my fingertips. I'm thinking of working out a social media plan as well so that I'm better at remembering those wonderful avenues into getting to know you as well!

3| Tidy up the House - A new school year should always mean a clean working space. I've already stocked our pantry with food and such for the next week or two (or until the college crowds die down at Walmart!!) so all I need to do is organize a few things that got misplaced and hopefully finally get to my number one project of the summer, our bedroom where everything and anything that doesn't have a place seems to end up.

I hope you have a great weekend!!!

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