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Monday Mornings are my Least Favorite & a Starbucks Giveaway!!

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Mondays and Mornings are something that should never be allowed to come together. I mean, nobody likes Monday because it means that you have to go back to work and get back to hustling after being able to spend an entire weekend relaxing (maybe Monday should become part of the weekend! Work for four days and relax for three sounds good to me!) And no one likes mornings (if you do, you are a crazy person :D) because it wakes you up from blissful & wonderful sleep to tell you that you need to function like a normal human being.

Coffee though. Coffee is why I wake up in the morning. Simeon and I got a Keurig at our wedding and OMG I love that sucker. It has to be one of the most used kitchen appliance in our apartment. Simeon wasn't even a coffee drinker when we first got it and now I'm pretty sure that he uses it more than I do.

Though I do have a confession about my coffee. I am a wimp when it comes to strong coffee. I just can't handle it. So my coffee is basically three fourths coffee and one fourth creamer. Chocolate creamer and vanilla creamer mixed together usually. Because, why not! lol Or I recently discovered that I can make cappuccinos with my Keurig and I haven't looked back yet. Wonderful, wonderful sweetness every morning.

But as much as I love my Keurig, nothing beats a nice, hot cup of Starbucks coffee!!

I don't know what they do to it but OMG is it wonderful!

So if you love Starbucks coffee on a Monday morning as much as I do, this giveaway is for you!! I've joined up with these lovely ladies to be able to give one lucky winner $45 worth of wonderful Monday morning (or any other time) Starbucks coffee!!!

All you have to do is follow these lovely ladies!! Now, as we are all apart of a Bloglovin' competition that the site is throwing right now, it is required that for your entry to count, you must be following all of these blogs.

I hope you enjoy it!

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