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August Goals

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Goals for July!

1| Pass Organic Chemistry 2

2| Finish MPD's Website

3| Post 3 Times a Week

4| Work Out 3 Times a Week

Gaelic Storm photo by Midnight Photography & Design

Guys!! This is ridiculous!! A 25% finish rate is horrible! But it took everything that I had to be able to survive Organic Chemistry 2. Like it was a miricle that the final was soooo easy and I was able to raise my grade a whole letter grade from what it had been the entire month. 

But I celebrated this weekend at Iowa Irishfest in Waterloo (seriously guys! Look it up!). So now it's time to get back to my planner and fill it with everything I want to get done before school starts in three weeks!  

Goals for August

1| Post 4 times a Week - Now only 3 of these posts will be here! I have accepted a contributor spot on His Endless Love every Thursday and that will be my fourth post every week!

2| Finish MPD's Website - this has been something that I have been putting off for months. Mostly because all the fun stuff is done and I now only have the fine details that I haven't had the time to really chisel out yet.

3| Work Out 2 times a week - I know it is a really low number, but it is going to take a bit to get back into the swing of working out since it has been so long. 

4| Host my Birthday Giveaway - Guys! I'm insanely excited! Not about my birthday so much (we've already discussed that) but I am excited to give you guys the new Target Day Designer along with other wonderful planner supplies!! 

5| Prepare for my Final Semester!!  - 135 days until Graduation!! :)

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