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23 Goals for My 23rd Year

Sabra GilbertComment
Saturday was my 23rd birthday! Before I share my goals for the new year, how about we look back on this past year!

Simeon and I bought a new car.

I finally passed Organic Chemistry!

I had my final advisor's appointment of my college career.

I've killed two orchids, but I think this third one is going to thrive!!

I started a buisness plan & website for a photography and blog design buisness.

I was picked for two contributor spots on other blogs!

Simeon and I defeated Super Mario 3D World.

I lost my childhood pup & best doggie friend.

I read a ton of wonderful books.

I started writing a book of my own.

I wrote a buisness plan for a future miniature horse operation.

I redesigned this blog into a space that I'm proud of.

It's been a crazy year for sure. And this next one is full of mystery and craziness all in it's own! It's the year that I'm going to graduate. That Simeon and I are going to move away. On our own. To an unknown place. Yeah. . .  more on that later. But anyway, on to my goals for this year!!

1| Graduate with my BS in Biology.

2| Redesign Becoming A Gilbert (I've been tossing around this idea for a while and I think I've finally come up with a an idea that I absolutly adore)
3| Design a blog planner that is branded the same as Becoming A Gilbert.

4| Finish the Midnight Photography & Design buisness plan.

5| Get MPD off the ground and working.

6| Try new things in design.

7| Read 12 books

8| Host more Giveaways

9| Continue to grow Becoming A Gilbert

10| Help grow A Pinch of Faith and His Endless Love by being a contributor

11|  Pack up our apartment & move to a new place

12| Find an apartment that Simeon and I really Love

13| Learn 15 new recipes that Simeon and I both like

14| Start to cook from scratch 3 times a week

15| Eat healthier

16| Start a herb garden in my new apartment

17| Get my orchid to rebloom

18| Re-learn how to play the guitar

19| Deep clean my car.

20| Finish reading though the entire bible.

21| Start a Prayer Journal

22| Do a Styled Photo Shoot

23| Enjoy every second of the life that God has given me.

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