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Why #LoveWins Breaks My Heart PS It's Not the Reason You Think

Sabra GilbertComment
Today's post isn't about the Supreme Court's ruling. I haven't fully formed any kind of opinion on that that I would feel comfortable putting into a blog post at this moment, maybe someday, but I don't think now is the time.

What breaks my heart about #LoveWins is that obviously Christians as a whole aren't doing what we are called to do.

We are called to Love our Neighbors just as Jesus & God loves every single one of us. EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON THIS EARTH IS LOVED BY GOD. And every single one of us disrespects God or disappoints him in our own way. If If God, our Holy, Perfect Father, is able to look past everything that we do to him and call us to him every single day, why can't we do that for each other? Why can't we look past the sins of others and instead look a person in the face and say " I love you no matter what you've done in the Past and so does Jesus."

Now, I am not saying that we need to push Christianity on everyone, because that is not my or your place. God is working on every one's heart in different ways. There are a million stages that the person that you talk to could be at. You could be introducing Jesus to them; You could be softening their heart millimeter by millimeter. You could be the voice that finally brings them to break down a profess that they want Jesus in their life. So still talk to people about your faith and if they ask questions, answer them in a loving way, but never force the conversation if the other person is harsh or not responsive.

#LoveWins should be a wake up call to Christians. Not about the whole gay marriage thing. This is not a time to be offended or controversial on that front. We can't burrow into our church buildings and barricade the doors away from the law of the country.

This is the time that we need to be opening our arms and showing the World that Christianity isn't about negativity and being hypocritical, it's about being unwavering in our faith and love for each other and our God.

The fact that # LoveWins is a hashtag AGAINST Christianity is what breaks my heart. It breaks my heart for this country, for my fellow Christians, and makes me deeply upset that we have disrespected Jesus' call for our lives.

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