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Why I Refuse to Niche

Sabra GilbertComment
For as long as I could remember, I have hated being put into one tiny little labeled box. I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate to be told that I can only do one thing. Only think about one thing. Only BE one thing. Cause that's the biggest lie ever. In high school, I was actually really lucky that our decently small school didn't have the same kind of clique culture that you think of when you think of high school.

 I was perfectly content running around to my AP classes, drama practices, and cheering at games to my hearts content without ever once being labeled as a Nerd, Drama Geek, or Cheerleader. (Well, I was a cheerleader but hey, I was never labeled as if that was the only thing that I could do!) I loved being able to float around doing whatever I wanted without being confined to one thing. I had too many different passions to be only allowed to do one.

And I feel like I'm still the same when it comes to blogging.

It seems like almost every blogger that I love to follow for advise is telling me that I can't have an awesome blog until I pick only one subject to blog about. . . and being a "lifestyle" blogger doesn't count.

Now this is something that I don't understand and personally I just wonder if this is just a trend in blogging right now that suddenly you have to have a narrow lens to be a truly good blogger.

When I started blogging, I started blogging to share my life, my thoughts, and maybe, some helpful tips for others along the way. I love to share the lessons that I've learned while following my passions for blogging, photography, and design. I don't think I could pick just one to continue sharing. I wouldn't feel genuine to suddenly try to limit myself and I'd probably crash and burn as a blog.

I plan on staying a nice, little Lifestyle blog, full of blogging, photography, design, marriage, and anything else that catches my fancy in the future (and you can be sure that puppies and babies are included in that!) And I hope that you'll continue this journey with me as well!

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