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The Excitement is Bubbling

Sabra GilbertComment
The end of July is signaling that the end of my organic chemistry class is here!! Only one more day! Tomorrow is the final! It's nerve wracking and wonderful all at the same time!!!

But not only is that horrendous class coming to an end, but it's time for Simeon and I and our friends to make our annual trip to Waterloo, IA for Irishfest!!! I am sooooo excited to spend a weekend listening and dancing to wonderful Irish music, introducing more friends to the wonders of Irishfest, and for the first time ever, they are having a public traditional Irish wedding! I'm super excited about that! It sounds like a lot of fun! I'm insanely excited to pull out my camera and take pictures at every concert and see what I get!!

Then, it will be August!!! Which is usually one of my favorite months out of the entire year. August means that the best days of summer are here! And it is the month of a very important persons birth (MINE! :)) But I will totally admit to feeling insanely no excited about August.

Not at all.


I'm turning 23 this year.

And for some reason that just doesn't sound as wonderful as birthdays in the past have. I mean, I've spent this whole year dancing around the house to Taylor Swift's 22 and enjoying life. For some reason, 23 just sounds too adultish to me. Yes, I know I'm married. Yes, I know that my college days are coming to a close. BUT THAT DOESN'T"T MEAN I WANT TO BE 23!!!!

And don't ask me why I'm panicking about the whole 23 idea. But OMGoodness it is terrifying.

Simeon thinks that I'm being ridiculous. My bestie just laughs and tries to make it worse by reminding me that in just a few years we will be approaching 30.

I just wanna belt out "I'm feeling 22!!!!!" forever, is that too much to ask?

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