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Reasons Why Being a Student & a Wife is Awesome

Sabra GilbertComment
People always seem to be in disbelief that Simeon and I are married and still in College. Something that used to be the norm (I mean people used to go to college to find a husband!!) is now strange and alien. They think that it would cause more problems than it solves, which for me has been the exact opposite. I mean, don't get me wrong, sometimes having my husband doing homework on the couch next to me can be extremely distracting, especially if one of us just really doesn't want to do our homework while the other really needs to get something done. But for the most part, it's pretty awesome!!

So here are the reasons that I love being married in college. . .

1| He keeps me Focused - I have a really short attention span. It's seriously insanely tiny. And Simeon is really good at remembering to bring me back from a distraction and focus on studying or homework.

2| Tag teaming Chores - A major thing that I will do to distract me from homework is finishing a major cleaning project or just start cleaning to avoid homework. Instead, Simeon steps in and either cleans up the mess or tells me that it can wait until later.

3| At home Tutor - Unfortunately, Physics and Math are things that I need to know to get my Biology degree. These are the things that Simeon is the best at, so he tries to help me through the classes that I struggle through.

4| Living Together - I know that some people are fine with living together before marriage, but it wasn't something that Simeon and I were not going to be OK with before we got married. But Living together relieves sooo much stress from trying to find time to hang out together and it is just no longer a big deal.

5| He relaxes me - I'm a high stress kind of person, and Simeon is insanely low key. He is sooo great at making me stop and breath and relax and it helps that he is here most of the time to help me relax to.

And other than these reasons that are mostly just perks, I'm crazy in love with this man so why wouldn't I just want to marry him as soon as possible? We waited a while after we had already decided that we wanted to get married, because we didn't think that it was the right time yet. So when we got married is what made the most sense for us and there really was no reason to continue waiting to get married. To us, if we were going to do it anyway, what would be the benefit of waiting two more years?

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