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Mid-Year Goals Check & Free Printable!!

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I love making goals! And I really love crossing them off my to do list!! It's one of my favorite things!! At the begining of the year, I usually like to pick a song or phrase that I want to represent the entire year and then make a whole lot of mini goals as a year long to do list and I make sure that they support the main "theme" of the year.

The last few years have been pretty stressful for me as things were changing like crazy and school was not going the way that I had originally planned and it was extremely stressful to me to not have as much control as I thought that I would. (Yes, I know, Control is for God and not for me, it's one of the main thing thing that I struggle with and am working on.)

But off from that tangent! My theme for 2015, is Shake It Off. I'm shaking off all the doubt, and fear, and stress and try to lean on God and just not worry about the past.

To do all that, I made a series of goals under different catagories that would push me forward in this goal. I wanted to grow spiritually, grow as a little family, and improve my blog. I also have two other adventures for the year as well, in a book that I'm writing and the buisness that I'm starting.

I love looking back on the goals that I made in the beginning of the years and tweaking them to what is actually going on in life around this time of the year. And I wanted to give everyone else the oppertunity to do the same thing too!

I made a printable that you can either get from me as is or I am also willing to edit the printable to catagories that better fit your lifestyle!!

The picture shows a preveiw of how the printable looks and is structured! It is much clearer when you have the actual printable!! The catagories that I have set into the printable as of right now are Health, Spiritual, Finacial, Family, and School with three empty spaces. I also added my blog, book, and MPD in these three empty spaces, but they can be for anything that you want to put focus on for the rest of the year!

Email me at and I can send it to you as is, or we can discuss the catagories that you would like!! There are 8 spaces!

Hope you are having a fabulous beginning of your week!

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