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Jamberry Nail's Reveiw

Sabra GilbertComment

DISCLAIMER: I have received this product in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own and honest.

So a month or so ago, I received an email from Amanda, a Jamberry Consultant, and she had picked out the perfect Jamberry nails for me! I saw the picture of these wonderful horse nails and I had to have them! I had been looking at Jamberry nails for a little while, but I just hadn't taken the leap into buying them yet. 

GUYS!! I LOVE THEM!! It's soo nice to not have to worry about bumping your nails within seconds of finishing your nails and ruining them. I am the queen of impatience and messing up wet nails. As soon as I'm done with painting my nails, I start moving around to the next thing on my to do list. With these nails, I don't have to worry about messing up my nails at all!

While it was originally something that I figured would be a big time suck, it actually saves me time! By the time I get my nails done, I can just walk away and get other things done! When I paint my nails, I have to then just sit around and wait for my nails to dry. Which takes forever.

So not only does it not mess up within seconds, but it's super easy to do! It takes maybe ten minutes to get all of your nails done with a few extra minutes here and there if you are a perfectionist. All you have to do is cut, heat, place, trim, and buff our the edges.

They're easy, They're fast. And they have wonderful designs too! I've shared a few that I love on my Facebook page and Amanda shared a few in her Q&A post a few weeks ago. But make sure to check them out for yourself too!!

Now that I've ranted and raved about everything that I love about these nails, I'm going to be honest with you about the one thing that I hate about them. I am an avid nail picker when I am stressed out or nervous (like when taking an exam). And these things are some of the easiest things to pick off if you are determined enough. But it's about my only complaint and to be honest, if you aren't a nail picker than it really shouldn't be a problem.

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