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Book Reveiw: His Endless Love

Sabra GilbertComment
Disclaimer: I received this book in return for an honest review. All comments made here are my own and completely honest for you, my reader.

His Endless Love is about a journey to find healing and acceptance through God's love and the wonderful ways it can change your life. When Samantha Sali set out to write a book, she could have gone in two completely different directions: a book that included viciously calling out her abusers and how she found Christ's love in spite of them, or show how Christ's love overcome everything and that love is one of thee greatest answers to any comment, action, or person.

In a time when everyone seems to be leaning towards hate and blame, it's so refreshing to hear from people who have been truly changed by love and in return have decided to show love in every situation. The writing has really spoke to me because of everything that has been going on in the media and of course Facebook politics with the Supreme Court decision and everything else that seems to come popping up these days. Love is struggling to be shone right now and Samantha brings back the fact that love should be shown no matter how people are treating you.

I loved how she not only shared her journey, but readers interviews as well. And while it can be easy to read a great book like this and not do anything about it, this book ends with information on a great project called the LOVE>hate Project.

If you are looking for a wonderful Christian book to encourage you this summer, I recommend that you order a copy of His Endless Love, and while you are there check out the other reviews. And if you wanna hear more from Samantha, you should try reading her blog as well, also titled His Endless Love.

Fun fact on another reason that you should check out Samantha's blog! As I was reading this book, Samantha started looking for contributors for her blog! I filled out the application as soon as I saw it, and now yours truly will be featured on His Endless Love every Thursday!!

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