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Surviving Summer Courses

Sabra GilbertComment
College classes in general can be difficult, but I feel like there is completely nothing like having to do summer courses. For some reason, they are a million times harder (I guess it probably doesn't help that they shove a whole semester into a month as well). They take their own kind of studying, focus, and being able to be productive even when the days are long.

This summer I'm taking O. Chem 1 & 2, along with working 20 hours a week, and trying to launch Midnight Photography & Design. Oh, and did I mention that I have an hour long commute every morning and then again in the afternoon to get to work.  The homework and studying is driving me up the wall cause it is taking up all my time!!

But here are some general tips to get through a summer course.

1| Hit the ground running - Get everything organized BEFORE the class starts. & Get reading your book!

2| Read the Book - you should read the book for "every" college course, but if your summer teacher is telling you to read the book, READ THE BOOK! It is vital at this point!

3| Don't Procrastinate - There is no time for that nonsense!

4| Show up for class every single day - Again, there is no time for that nonsense!

5| Schedule, Schedule, Schedule! -  If you don't, you won't even be able to think about having a social life.

I hope that you find these tips helpful! They aren't a lot, but honestly, it takes a lot of you putting your own methods, your own focus, and your own organization to survive a summer class. Know yourself, and Get it done!

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