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Saved with the Holy Spirit

Sabra GilbertComment
On Friday, I wrote a post about how the Devil works in me everyday, every time I go about life naturally. Because of my sinful nature, doing anything right is completely out of my control. I can't remember to spend time with my Lord on my own. I can't feel compassion and love for my neighbors on my own.

I need the Holy Spirit within me to give me the fire, the need to follow Christ. To pick up my own Cross and work to love my neighbors, work to bring others to Him, and work to grow my fellow Christians.

I need the Holy Spirit to give me the patience and mind to be able to memorize scripture or spend any time being able to learn and journal after reading the Bible. I need to Holy Spirit to give me any kind of a need to even pick up my bible and want to learn.

Realizing what is me and what is the Holy Spirit working in me doesn't give me any right to have any excuses. I can't just be like, "It's ok that I haven't even thought about God today, its my nature. There are going to be days where it doesn't cross my mind." I have to work hard to listen to the Holy Spirit and be what God has designed for me.

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