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June Goals

Sabra GilbertComment
GUYS!!! Where is this summer going? Like seriously, June is here and I'm already back in class for the summer. (Which is super depressing, but at least it's the last ever summer semester I will have!) I feel like this summer could completely disappear under my nose unless I made goals and put it into focus that I have so many other things that I want to complete this summer.

1| Graduation Photo Shoot - A friend of mine graduated college this past May and I have been dying to get out and celebrate with her by doing a super fun "I'm Done" Photoshoot!

2| Finish Red Queen - I love reading! And I hate when I don't get any time to get any fun reading done.  So I want to make sure that I make the time to get at least one book done.

3| Get a B in Organic Chemistry - My biggest thing that I have going on this month is that I am taking Organic Chemistry. . . for the third time. I have never struggled with a class so much in my life. It is just something that I can't seem to understand. Luckily, this teacher has a completely different teaching style that seems to be getting more through to me. Hopefully, that means I will be able to rock this course in a month!

4| Give my sponsors the attention they deserve - I don't know if you guys have noticed (You better have!!) But I have some wonderful girls sitting on my sidebar and under this post this month! It's better super fun to show them love and I hope that you will check them out!!

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