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Review: Campus VoxBox

Sabra GilbertComment
All items were given to me by Influenster in return for a reveiw. All opinions stated here are my own and honest in order to you, my readers, and future customers the best feedback possible.

When I got the campus voxbox, I WAS SOOOOOO EXCITED! It was full of things that I had wnated to try and wasn't just sample sized. I know that sounds wierd, but most of the boxes are only sample size products so you don't get the full out experiance of trying them out. All of these products, except for the hair products, were full sized.

I really don't know which was my favorite product, the Jergans Instant Sun or the Softlips cube.

I'll start with the Softlips cube. I'm a total EOS girl. Love love love that little ball. This cube made me put that ball away and I was all about that Softlips cube. It really keeps the moisture in your lips that doesn't disappear after a few hours. It stays forever and smells good and feels wonderful going on. I truely love the cube over the stick because I have a harder time loosing weird shaped things than a stick. Though I will totally admit to loosing my ball and buying another one to photograph. The fact that I actually went out to replace something (and it was for way more than just photographs!) should tell you that I loved the product!

Now for the Jergans Instant Sun tanning mousse. I have never had so many people compliment me on my tan, even when I had an actual real tan!!!! It was so easy to apply and it dried so fast, it was ridiculous! I loved it so much! And I didn't have to apply it a million times for it to look good! I just had to put it on once and it looked great. I really reccomend it to anyone else that has a horrible time getting an actual tan like I do.

I really liked all of the products that I've been able to try, the St Ives face scrub has done wonders for my face! It makes it so soft and smells wonderful! My only complaint is that it was really hard to wash off and so I could only use it in the shower where it was easy to put my entire face under water and really get at it.

I'm not a fan of sour candy, but my husband loves it! Warheads and Sourpatch Kids are his go to candy choices. He LOVES the straws! he basically ate half the bag in one sitting. I tried one but it seriously only gets extreme reactive faces from the sourness, I can't handle extreme flavors at all.

I haven't had the oppertunity to try the hair straightening shampoo and conditioner yet. But I am excited too!
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