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Getting Grades In

Sabra GilbertComment
I have always hated waiting for classes to verify final grades. It terrifies me cause I randomly think of all the things I did wrong or exams that I could have studied for more or that I should have done more extra credit. I don't know why but these things will keep me up at night while I wait for all the grades to come out.

This time was even worse because I knew that Senioritis got the better of me and there were two classes where I didn't do anywhere near as much studying or focus and I really needed to. I knew that it was gonna be a tight squeeze if I passed at all and I would be doing so from tons of last minute cramming and pure luck.

Isn't that all that Senior year is made of? Cram Studying and Pure Luck?

So yesterday, when all the points were in, I did the math for my Parasitology class. 69.6% was my grade. I HAD PASSED!! And was 0.4% away from doing more than just passing but getting a C! Which was something I had given up even thinking that I would accomplish about half way through the semester when I looked at my exam grades. I knew better than to even think of emailing the professor and asking for the C. I didn't desearve it and I knew it. And I knew that he wasn't just going to give it to me either. He had never seemed like that kind of a teacher.


I really could not beleive it!! I really want to go give him a giant hug and inform him that he is my new favorite teacher. We should go find this guy a ton of parasites. Who has a puppy that I could have some poo from so that I can give it to him. (Honestly, he would be excited about this!)

It made my life this morning and I am sooo excited. So this semester wasn't as much of a flop as I thought it was going to be and not all Evil Professors are that evil.

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