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Finals Week. . . DUN DUN DUN

Sabra GilbertComment
Guys! I'm super excited that it is finally finals week of my FINAL SPRING SEMESTER! The taste of victory is sooo close guys! So I might be a little scarce this week as I'm concentrating on finishing out and seeing all my friends that are graduating.

I really can't beleive that the time has flown by so much that so many of my friends are graduating. Not only that but one of my strongest rolemodels for my Christian faith, after 4 entire years of disipleship, is leaving town. I've leaned a lot on her to model how my Christian walk should be and she has helped me through a lot. With her leaving, I really feel like I have to figure out how to really stand up in my faith by myself. Which is a great thing but also extremely daunting.

Unfortunatly, with the end of this year, also came my final night to be a bible study leader for the Navigators. I really beleive that I need to focus next semester on finishing out strong accademically. I plan on being around for Nav Nite's and beginning a discipleship relationship that I can put all of my focus into. I really beleive that this is the next step that God is leading me towards as I've spent a lot of time in prayer about this decision. I really loved my group this year and I will truely miss pouring my heart into multiple people. They know that I plan on still being around for all of them whenever they need me, just without the official title.

There are so many changes coming up and while it is quite scary, I am also extremely excited for this life to really start and to get going on the path that God is creating for me.

PS - Was anyone else super excited for Princess Charlotte's birth this weekend? (Though I do agree with others who say that another Princess Diana would have been better. :)

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