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Behind the Scenes: Blogging

Sabra GilbertComment
When I first started reading blogs, I thought that it would be sooo easy to start my own blog. You get on your computer whenever you feel like it and just write whatever is on your mind. That should only take like fifteen minutes tops and then I would be done. Write. Edit. Maybe throw in a photo. Publish. DONE!!

But that is soo untrue! It's how I could do it if I really wanted to just have a fun relaxing little side hobby and not make it into something. But I want to make this space, not only a great hobby for myself, but a resource for readers going through the same stages of life as I am.

This is what I enjoy doing. Blogging ties in everything that I adore doing. From Photography, to Writing, to Helping Others. But it also carries so many other things that I've had to learn while blogging. So it ties into my love of Learning as well. I've learned how to make a pinnable image, design a blog, and it's really grown my photography skills. I've also never had to try to work social media and it blows me away on how much there is to learn and work at.

Blogging is sooo much more than just the fifteen minutes of typing a day.

It actually takes around an hour to come up with an idea, outline the post, and then type it all out & edit.

It can take another 30 minutes to do a little photo shoot to get the right photo.

Then another hour to edit the perfect picture just right.

And that's all for just one post. If you wanna go into doing everything for a blog in general. I probably spend two hours when I schedule twitter and facebook posts ahead of time. Making a blog design takes around 2 weeks of hours of hard work at least. And then there is the constant research to learn to be better. I probably spend around an hour or so on a regular week reading different posts to learn more and on a learning week around 4 to 7 hours to really figure something out. Right now I have sponsors so I have to make sure that I am into their stuff and figuring out what will apply to my readers and put it out there. Commenting can take another hour or so. Building community (which is totally one of my favorite parts of blogging!) means reading others blogs and commenting often. Which can take any random amount of hours to accomplish.

But I love it all! So I enjoy trying to keep doing it all!

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